1000 Free Backlinks Generator Tools For Beginners In 2021

Whatever, you are hungry for more backlinks to get more traffic and readers on your website. “Backlinks are a more effective term for getting unlimited traffic on your blog or website”. But how many backlinks you can create at one time?

Hey, I am here for that. I am suggesting you best-reputed tools on which you can create 1000 free backlinks at one time.

some of them are backlink generator. Some of them don’t generate quality backlinks but some of them are very good.
“You can create an account and then you can generate 1000 free backlinks at one time”. Generally, I told you about getting backlinks from social media in the last article. But, you should also use these tools for getting more traffic using these 1000 free backlinks tools. Here are the best 1000 free backlinks generator tools.

1000 free backlinks generator tools

1000 free backlinks
1000 free backlinks

Small SEO Tools

This is one of the best free backlink generator Tool that generates 1000 free backlinks at one time.
If you haven’t an idea how to create 1000 free backlinks then the following steps given below :

1. Go to the Small SEO Tools Website first. Then scroll down and click on Backlink Maker Option otherwise Click here to go directly.
2. After going to that page you should enter your website address on which you want to generate a backlink.
3. Now, the backlink generating process will start. Don’t cancel the tab or window before finishing this work.
4. It may take 2-3 minutes to generate backlinks.
5. You can generate only 91 backlinks but If you have posted then you can also generate other 91 backlinks for free.
6. So, by adding all backlinks it will be more than 1000 backlinks.


Here you can generate more than 2000 backlinks. because of this very reputed and useful tool for your website.
So, “you should follow the steps given below to create 25000 backlinks at a time”.

1. Go to the official website or Click here.
2. After going to the website you will able to see an empty column. Enter the website and click on I am not a robot checkbox.
3. After clicking on SUBMIT button, The process will start for generating 2500 Backlinks.
4. Some of them will be failed but you will able to generate other backlinks.

Free Backlink Builder.net

“This tool gives you DO-FOLLOW Backlinks”. Every blogger always tries to make do-follow backlinks.
mainly, Do-follow backlinks are more important than no-follow. So, you can generate them by following simple
steps below.

1. Go to the official website. After that enter your post URL in the empty box.
2. “Then click on GET FREE DOFOLLOW BACKLINKS”. So, you will able to create do-follow backlinks here.

Free Real Backlinks

This another best tool for creating high PR 100 backlinks. your website will able to get unique visitors by using this tool. Please follow the steps below to use this tool.

1. Go to the official website after going to the website.
2. Please enter your website post URL in the empty box. Then click on create backlinks.
3. After completing these steps, it may take 2-3 minutes to complete this work.
4. Congratulations, you have successfully created backlinks.

Free.GOV And.EDU Backlink Generator

“If you have a Government website or Educational website, then this tool is for you”. you can create
1000 free backlinks through this tool.

1. Go to the official website. then enter your website post in the empty box.
2. Now, click on Generate backlinks. So, after 2-3 process will be finished.

SER Backlinks 

Here you can create more than 1000 free backlinks. Similarly, you can choose a number of backlinks manually.
You should follow these steps for generating more than 1000 free backlinks.

1. Got to the official website. After visiting the page you will able to see the backlink option on the right side.
2. So, enter your URL of the post, then add keywords related to your post. Similarly, select the number of backlinks you want.
3. it will take 2-3 minutes if your internet is good. So, you have created a backlink for free here.


  • All these tools only generate or create backlinks.
  • These tools do not provide a guarantee for generating the best Quality backlinks but your website or blog can be pushed on the upper page of the search engine.
  • So, you can create backlinks for getting more traffic. until you get more traffic.
  • Never try to do any editing to this website coding. Otherwise, search engines can buy your site.

If you get better information here please comment below and if you found any difficulty then write your difficulties below.  I will answer very soon.

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