About Me

Dear Friends,

I really want to tell you about me. So, my real name is Maddy and I am from India. So,  I have started this website for making money online through blogging.
I am an IT student and similarly, I am doing Engineering in the Information Technology Department. I am a good experience blogger having more skills related to blogging in 3 years. Google is one of the best Search Engine to get knowledge about everything so, I am doing work related to google algorithms also.

Why I did choose Blogging?
Following are the main reasons for choosing a blogging career :

  • Making myself financially independent.
  • Following my passion to become a skilled blogger.
  • Helping others from my website or blog by writing useful articles for beginners.
  • Similarly, Helping myself to grow my knowledge about blogging.
  • Helping others to make themself independent.

 what type of service do I provide?

I don’t provide any type of service for making money through visitors. This is my Personal Blog Website and Really want to tell you that I am providing tips about blogging and internet tips forever to make money online.

  • I provide Digital marketing related tips to earn money.
  • I provide Internet Tips to make money online.
  • Similarly, I provide blogger and WordPress tips to be a complete individual blogger.

   About My Site : 

Shots per day is a professional blogging site that provides all types of information about blogging, online earning, freelancing, and WordPress .  “This is my own personal website where all employees work under my suggestions and rules”. Many of them are freelancers and self-employed. I don’t have a company to handle this website. “I always work with freelancers and self-employed persons by giving them their work rewards”. 

My Social media Handlers
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