Backlinks : 7 Best Ways For Beginners To Create Backlinks

The important factor in your website or blog is backlink. “Backlinks are the most important factor for your blog if you have just crossed 2 months in blogging”. because if you spend some time blogging, after that, you will need to create some Reputed backlinks for your blog. But if you are beginners and you don’t know what is backlinks exactly. then I will tell you all information about it.

Similarly, if you are an experienced blogger then don’t leave this page I will also show you the best ways to gain high-quality backlinks for your blog. But, please try to the read whole article in detail otherwise you can’t gain basic information about backlinks.


What is a backlink?

“A backlink is a process of taking a preference of your website or blog from another reputed website”. For, example if you have written an article on a topic.

And similarly, another website also shares information related to your article or topic then you can create a backlink on their website by asking them for a guest post or you can create a backlink by commenting on their website.

You can create unlimited backlinks by visiting reputed websites and blogs and You can create backlinks for free and also by purchasing it. mainly, “I will suggest you create backlinks free on the high reputed website that contains high DA and PA”.

Advantages of backlinks?

Backlinks are a type of reference which you provide on the other side but this increases reputation in front of google. because the latest algorithms support backlink strategies for bloggers.

Creating backlinks on the High DA and PA websites can be the perfect result for high traffic.

However, “there are millions of backlinks have been created by many reputed websites to gain more traffic”. Sometimes, These websites hire professions for just backlink work for making high traffic on a website.

Similarly, these are the benefits of creating backlink on high reputed websites.

1. Increase the reputation of your website or blog.
2. Increase website traffic and authority or blog.
3. Also increase the DA and PA of your website or blog.
4. It can be a ranking factor for your website or blog.
5. You can make money through it just doing guest posting.
6. Similarly, anybody can create backlink with just easy steps.

Disadvantages of  Bad backlinks?

  • Outdated backlink are harmful to your website. “These backlinks never are a rank factor for getting traffic and Creating backlinks on low DA and PA websites can not be work very well”.
  • Creating backlinks on high Spam score websites can affect your website ranking on google.
    And spam score also can increase on your website.
Best ways For beginners to create backlinks

Create Backlink by social media

1. Facebook

Create your official account on Facebook for your website. Create a fan page and link your website on-page.
Always try to post new ideas and topics and on your fan page. You can gain more traffic through this Backlink technique.

2. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most favorable a popular Platform for you if you have basic knowledge about it.
Similarly, “Twitter handles millions of traffic for sharing some knowledge between users”.

So, you can take advantage of it. You can create an account on Twitter and provide a website URL in your profile. After getting followers from Twitter you will able to get some visitors from this backlink.

3. Youtube

If you don’t have a youtube channel, then please create a youtube channel related to your website. and mention your website in your profile. “Never share your website URL and post URL in any comment section it can not be mentioned as a backlink”.

4. Pinterest

You can share some attractive photos related to your website and you can gain more traffic on Pinterest. So, please create an account on Pinterest and mention the website URL in your profile.

You can create more traffic by creating backlink using other social media platforms but you should be regular on this work.

5. Create backlinks by Guest posting

Guest Posting is trending nowadays. because this is the best and relevant technique that should be used by any blogger. Guest blogging can be available for free if you have the best technique for it. You can purchase a guest blogging plan if you want otherwise you can do it for free.

Click here for getting the best free backlink by free guest blogging.

6. Create backlinks by collaboration

This technique also used by me and I have got the best result on my other website. “You can collaborate with other bloggers who are at your level or professionals”. You can ask them for guest blogging and also you can permit them for making articles on your blog. Your collaboration will help you to increase DA, PA, and Traffic on your website.

7. Use Web Directories for getting traffic

Here are the best web directories. So, Download pdf and visit one by one and submit your site to these websites. I will make another separate article on this web directory. So, you will get a better idea about web directories. but, you should submit the website first by using these web directories.


Important notice while creating backlinks : 

Please confirm your backlink if you have created it on another website. Check that website DA, PA, and spam score.” if you find any bad backlink then delete it and create new on another reputed website”. Please comment below if you found any difficulty. Similarly, read our other articles also.

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