Best Image Format For Website Speed (5 Quick Steps)

Best image format for website speed is a very important factor in the on-page SEO of a website. Image format means a type of image where you use a different types of images in your Blog post also. There are many image formats are available and I will tell you what image format is useful for you to increase the speed of your website or Article. images are many types but you have to compress them in the proper manner. So, if you optimize your website images properly then you can speed up your website to improve your ranking in front of google.

Best image format for website speed
Best image format for website speed

“The image helps you to make your website attractive and any user on your website will always try to find informative images on your website”. So, choosing the right image format for your website is very important for you if you are willing to speed up your website.

How does image size measure?

“Image size measures on pixels where it includes quality of image and resolution of the image”. For Example: If you are taking a landscape photo of an object then it will have max size. But if you take Stratigh photo with less distance then your photo size will be less.
Similarly, it also depends on the pixels of the camera and if your camera has a good lens then you will store high-quality pictures. So, the size of an image depends on many factors.

Best Image Format For Website Speed

Commonly used Image format

There are many image formats are available for you if you want to use them. Every image format has its own importance. Similarly, you can use every image format for every task. “The image format is the basic need of any computer file where there are stored”. But they have their different importance behind them.

Jpeg is a very common image format. This image format always defaults in every camera setting. Joint Photographic Experts Group(JPEG) helps you to save your image securely. This image format contains lossy images. JPEG is the most used image format. “JPEG is a popular image format after GIF”.

JPEF is a very good image format where it consists of HD quality images and resolution also. Similarly, this format gives you the proper result of your photo. Similarly, PNG
(Portable Network Graphics)is another famous image format. This format contains only object by erasing other background colors.

Best Image Format For Website Speed

The best image format for a website

There are many image formats for websites toke your website image attractive and responsive. “Website images should be fast because users don’t want to waste their time only on your website”. So, it is your responsibility to compress your website image.

You can use an image optimization tool for compressing website images. Similarly, there is no need to use the proper format for your website image. If you are using an image format that is JPEG then it will also good. But, you have to optimize your website image properly. If you are using only PNG formats then you can optimize that png image.

If you are a WordPress user then you can use the Best image optimization plugin for optimizing your image while posting your website article. If you use this technique then you don’t need to use any other format instead of JPEG.

Best Image Format For Website Speed

The best format for images on a website for fast

If you really don’t want to use JPEG format. And if you are thinking JPEG format is not doing great by doing image optimization also. Then you can do one thing that is converting your image into webp.

“WebP decreases the size of the image up to 25-30% by keeping the same quality of the image”. there are many plugins that covert your image into WebP format to load your website very fast. So, if you want to use them then you can use them otherwise you can convert images by using tools.

Best Image Format For Website Speed

Convert JPEG to Webp Websites
  1. Ezgif JPEG To Webp
  2. Convertio JPEG To Webp
  3.  CloudConvert JPEG To Webp
  4. Online Convert JPEG To Webp

Best Image Format For Website Speed

Best Plugins for JPEG to Webp

1. Webp Converter For Media 
2. Webp Express Jpeg To Webp 
3. Imagify Jpeg To Webp
4. Plus Webp 
5. REST API Error in Webp Converter

Best Image Format For Website Speed

Best Image Format For Website Speed (Webp)

So, “WebP is a very light image format that can help you to improve your speed of image loading”. JPEF is also good but WebP is very popular nowadays. So, if you want to use them then use the given plugins and tools as per your choice.

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