Best SEO Audit Tool (5 Genuine and Good Tools)

SEO is important factor for every website or blog and this is your responsibility to do On-page and Of page SEO properly. The best SEO audit tool will help you to give proper suggestions regarding your website. Similarly, You can analyze your website SEO and improve it after getting some suggestions from the Best SEO audit tool.
SEO audit is very important for every blogger where every blogger should use proper technics to improve SEO. Similarly, SEO audit tools recommend ideas for better improvement of your website.

best seo audit tool
best SEO audit tool

SEO tools help you to provide a proper audit for your website. Similarly, these tools give you information about Organic Traffic, Organic Keywords, Backlinks. Similarly, you will get all information Regarding Onpage and Off-page SEO. So, here I will tell you all about the best SEO audit tools that will help you to improve your website. I will tell other Best SEO tools which were remained in the last article. You can check other SEO tools in another article also.

Best SEO Audit Tool

Best free website audit tools

1. GT Metrix

Website speed checking is part of your Onpage SEO. GT Metrix helps you check the speed of your website where it is very important for you to know which speed is your website is acquiring. So, it helps you to improve your website speed and browsing on Search engines.
There are many factors that are important for making your website fast and Responsive. The largest contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, and Cumulative layout shift are very important factors for every website. So, GT Metrix helps you to give proper information about the Website’s Speed.

GT Metrix Features

  • End to End information about website speed.
  • Fast and secure website tool where you can check your website speed quickly.
  • Similarly, GT Metrix Provides you with better results for website speed tests.
  • It provides solutions to the issues if your website speed is Going Down.
  • It helps you to give proper information about Web Core Vitals.
  • Video Presentation about your website Speed Test.

2. Word Counter

Wordcounter helps you to count your word in your whole article or post. it helps you to save yours from counting words manually. word counter helps you to provide better results about word count. So, if you have an article that consists of fewer words then you can check it on the word count and then again increase your article words by writing it. word counter is very effective and gives you fast results to count your article words.
As we know those word numbers are also important to factor for your website ranking where if you write more than 1000 words in your article then you can rank your website. But this is not announced officially by google but many SEO experts Speak about it.

WordCounter Features

  • Provides you with, correct word count, after entering your article.
  • Similarly, it provides the total number of Characters where it is useful for use.
  • If you add Grammarly extension into your chrome browser it also provides you with better grammatical corrections in your article.
  • This website tool Counts the total number of Sentences. Similarly, it provides you speaking and reading
  • Time report for your submitted article on Wordcounter.
  • It also provides paragraph information and Reading level information also.

3. SERP Snippet Optimization Tool 

If you want to add a snippet for any website post then you should use this Useful tool. The snippet feature is a very useful feature from google.
The snippet feature helps users to get the correct information for their queries. Similarly, It helps you optimize your snippet post for the user’s queries.
This tool is very good as we know it allows you to save and copies of snippets.

SERPSim Features

  • It helps you to save your SERP preview as an Image.
  • It fetches meta descriptions and titles from existing URLs for giving better results.
  • Similarly, it always downloads tiles, meta descriptions from existing posts, or URLs.
4. SEO Site Checkup 

This tool is good for you if you want to check your website SEO. And you can check your website SEO. This tool helps you give a proper report about your website SEO. Similarly, you can check your SEO score also. SEO site checkup whole parameters which are important for SEO of website. Similarly, if your website suffers from bad SEO you must check this tool and use it. This helps you to measure your SEO scores.

SEO Site Checkup Features

  • This provides a Server report for your website.
  • Provides you best suggestions and tips to improve the SEO of your website.
  • This tool checks meta title, meta description, Meta Tags for giving better Reports on On-Page SEO.
  • This tool checks Robot.txt and Sitemap for giving better suggestions on it.
5. Copyscape 

Copyscape helps you to check duplicate content on your whole website. Similarly, Copyscape helps you to check plagiarized content your whole article.
Copyscape helps you to find copy content that can affect your ranking also. So, you can use this free tool to check your website content.
Plagiarized content is very harmful to your website ranking so, you can check your website content and improve them also.

Copyscape Features

It helps you to check copy content on your website.
Similarly, it helps you to check plagiarism on your website.
So, this tool is very responsive and gives you suggestions on Plagiarized Content.

So, These tools are very cool and useful for you. Similarly, we explained another tool in another article. You can check these best SEO audit tools.

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