Best Tools For Image Optimization (Tested 5 Tools)

If you are from the blogging field then you know that image optimization is an important part of every blogger. where they always try to do image optimization for better results. Image optimization means optimizing image Quality with low size. Best Tools For Image Optimization  are given below. Similarly, you use the best tools for image optimization where we always try to find the best ways to optimize images for better Website SEO. Image optimization is a very necessary task for every blogger who wants to make their website fast and attractive.

best tools for image optimization
best tools for image optimization

Every website consists of many images for every article or blog. So, you can make your Article attractive without images and videos. Because images always attract users to read your article till the End. Image optimization helps you to manage your image’s Size, Quality on your website. So, it helps you to maintain your website speed mostly. Image optimization is a very important process in SEO also where Bad Image Optimization can Affect your Website SEO.   Best Tools For Image Optimization listed here, you can use them for your blog.

Image optimization is very important for you if you understand it’s important. Similarly, you can use many technics to improve your website speed. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important factor for you and you should do Good SEO for your website also. So, You should Optimize your website images for a better Rank.

Best Tools For Image Optimization

Why Image Optimization is Important

1. Improves Speed of website
2. It Helps the Website to load fast on the Search Engines where its reputation can’t be decreased.
3. This is an important factor for Good Website SEO.
4. Generally, It makes the website’s Article attractive and decent where users always try to scroll till the end of the article.
5. As per Google’s new algorithm, the Website should be fast for better rank then It is also necessary where it helps you to rank your website.
6. It helps you to Maintain your website rank on Google.
7. Similarly, Your website post looks very clear, and where your image doesn’t look very small or Big.
8. It helps you to get Some Backlinks or traffic through the image optimization where you use the ALT tag for your image.
9. It also helps you to post your photos on Social media where they can be browsed fast.
10. There are many tools are available for Image Optimization and these are Cost-free.

Best Tools For Image Optimization

Image Optimization in SEO

Optimizing means compressing an image and reducing its size only but not quality. Optimization helps you to make great On-Page SEO. “Image Optimization always helps you to Speed up your website post while having many images on your website”.
Image Optimization helps you to do great On-Page SEO for your website. Similarly, It helps your website to rank on google because google always responds to good websites that are fast compared to others.
Generally, After the optimization of the image, you will need to add your image to your website post by having ALT Tag for better traffic through Images or photos. So, it is also a good idea for you if have knowledge about posting an image with alt tags.
RankMath and Yoast help provides you alt image option while you are posting your article on your website or blog. So, Best Tools For Image Optimization  are present here to use them for your blogging Career.

Best Tools For Image Optimization

best image compression software free download

Image Compression is very important for image optimization where you decrease the size of your image. there is a chance to decrease the quality of the image while you are compressing it. So always try to maintain the quality of images while you’re going to compress your images. There are only a few tools that will help you to compress your photos or videos in proper ways. So, You should use that software.

“There are many Cost software in the market to compress images for your website”. But I am going to tell you the best and effective tools that will help you compress images without paying a single dollar. So, Visit those websites and use them for compressing your image. You can set the image size as per your requirement. So, you can minimize your image for free.

Best Tools For Image Optimization Are very useful for beginners and also for experienced  people where you can easily Use them into your Blogging Admin Panel.

1. Compress JPEG Compress
2.  Small PDF Compress 
3.  Toolur Compress
4.  Image Optimizer Compress
5.  Tiny Jpeg Compress

Best Tools For Image Optimization For Free

best image optimization plugin WordPress

If you don’t want to optimize your website images using Image compression Softwares then you can use WordPress plugins for image optimization. These plugins will help you to make good On-page SEO for your website. You can add an alt tag while posting your image also. You will never need to compress your image again and again. So, you just need to post your image in WordPress and then you can compress your image automatically.

So, here are the best image optimization plugins that will help you to optimize your website image properly just by posting it, and then you can use alt tags also do Good SEO for your website. You have to just select one plugin that will help you a lot. But always remember in mind you should not use multiple or two plugins at one time.

1.  Smush Image Optimizer 
2. EWWW Image Optimizer 
3. Short Pixel Image Optimizer 
4.  Imagify Image Optimizer 
5.  Tiny Compress Image Optimizer 

So, using these plugins is very simple. you have to just install and activate the plugin. then you have to insert photos or images in your website post and then it will compress or optimize your image without any problem. So, you will not need to do compression images before posting.

These all image optimization tools will help you to make better image optimization tools. So, don’t wait just go and use the tool that you want. So, Best Tools For Image Optimization  Have been explained here. So, just go and try all these tools for your blog.

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