blogger seo setting : 11 Killer blogger SEO settings and tips

If you want to make your blog website searchable on google. and if you are using blogger hosting and it’s the domain.
Then there is more chance to make your website searchable on any search engine. “Google always tries to rank Blogger’s blogs or articles”.

Blogger is a google product and it provides a free hosting to and free domain. But, you can use a custom domain also. Seo Settings are most important for any blogger if they want to index their website on google.

blogger SEO setting

11 Killer blogger SEO setting and Tips 

Here are the best 11 killer SEO tips and setting in blogger. You can apply it to your blog “to improve your traffic”.

1.Always use Format Blogger post URL link

Permalink plays an important role in your Blog indexing. your blog will be visible on search engines by setting up a Custom permalink on your post. Permalink can be set up for the Home page of the blog and also for Blogpost.

“You can see permalinks on the right side of your post while writing your new post”. You can use custom permalink as per your blog post title. For example: If you are writing a post about “How to make a banana omelet”. then you can use this title for permalink. So, the permalink will help your post to rank on search engine if anyone searches to regarding this post.

2.Use perfect Keyword for Post

While posting the new blog you should check better keyword which can be searchable on google. “Organic keywords always start from how to word”.
These keywords are profitable for your blog because if any user searches for how to then there is a chance to index your post.
You can use Keyword finding tools like Google ads, The Hoth, Kwfinder, Ahref keyword generator for free.

3.Always try to Check comment

“Comments always play an important role in your website behavior”. If there are more spam comments on your websites then your site can be down.
You should always try to monitor comments on every post. If you find spam comments the delete or disapprove them. If anyone is trying to take backlink from comments through your blog then add that comments to No-follow.

4.Use Perfect Meta tags

“Meta tags are like keywords” which can be used in search description on the right side.
If you are using Focused and related keywords in your blog post. There there is a need to writing these keywords in the search description. Mainly, The Title, Description, and Footer text are more important in the way of perfect SEO.
These all factors should be used perfectly.

5.Use Perfect Keyphrase Density

If you have the main focused keyword that will be used for the title. then focused keyword should be used at 1-2% in your article or post.
This is the best SEO strategy always used by Rank math and Yoast to improve your blogpost ranking in google.
Focused keyword density should be a maximum of 2% as per new google guidelines. So, similarly, you can also use supportive and relative keywords for better SEO of the Site.

6.Use Different labels as per topics

labels can be used for dividing different articles in creating labels. You can use the label option for users who visit your blog. Lable means to categorize your different articles as per topics. So, visitors can survive better on your blog.

8.Use image SEO

By doing image SEO, there is “more chance to get traffic by image search if you use the perfect image SEO method”.
always save your image in name of your focused keyphrase. Then upload on blogger post and write Alt Text as per focused keyphrase.
There is no professional way to make Image way in blogger but it is a better SEO setting for your blogpost.

9.Manage Robot.txt

The best Option for doing SEO is robot.txt which disallows search engine bots from crawling some web directories.
You should know more details about it before using it. You can check Techprevue on this site to learn more about it. But, if you are a beginner at blogging then don’t use this option.

10. Make Important Page

If you want to make your blog a trusted blog in the view of Google. then you should make About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Condition Pages. So, it will be a trusted blog for google if any search engine wan to rank your blog.

Linked pages are my pages for your educational purpose but you can make your own pages using page-making websites like Policymaker.

“You  Should make about Us and contact us page your own”. because these pages have different words for writing about you and similarly connecting readers through contact us pages. you can use the Contact Us plugin for making a contact Us Page.

11. Be Ready For New Updates

“This is an instruction for every blogger because Every search engine always tries to change algorithms and rules”. So, it this your responsibility to make changes in your blog or website as per search Algorithms. So, it will not affect your ranking on the search engines.

“These are the best blogger SEO settings that have been explained. Similarly, ask for more articles in the comments if you want”. Similarly, If you found any difficulty in this article please suggest me or comment to me below.

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