how to become a blog writer

“How to become a blog writer?” this question is always presented on the top of Google. But did you find the Best solution for it ever? And did anyone explain this problem in detail? So, I am here to solve this problem step by step. Before that, you should know basic knowledge about blogging which is explained by me in the last Article.

Similarly, I will tell you about future opportunities for blog writing and Content Writing. I will explain to you how to become a perfect blog writer. If you find any queries and difficulties then comment below or ask questions on our social media handler.
So,  let get’s started.

how to become a blog writer
how to become a blog writer

What is blog writing to become a blog writer?

  • Blog writing is similar to content writing but it is a little difference between blog writing and content writing.
  • Blog writing means Writing your content on Your Blog or Website. And content writing is related to writing an Article on any platform like Notepad.
  • Similarly, we can say there are the same opportunities for blog writing or content writing.
  • You will become a perfect blog writer if you read all information about this topic on this page.

how to write a perfect blog

  • So, writing a blog is a difficult thing for beginners but if any person has experienced with it then they can become a perfect blog writer.
  • You can start with basic things like watching videos on youtube or Searching on google about topics.
  • The simple way to write a blog is that, analyze your topic on which you want to write a blog.
  • Similarly, sometimes you haven’t idea about the topic which you have selected. But, you can search for that topic on google.
  • Google is one of the best platforms to take any idea from it regarding your topic.
  • Now, You have a Topic and you searched for this topic on google. So, you have an idea to write a blog about the topic.
  • But, you can write the same blog as other blog writers. So, Now you will find difficulty here. So, I am here to tell you the solution to this problem.

How to become a blog writer

Important Tips for blog writing

  • Now, you have a blog topic and Some research about the blog. So, Keep in mind You will never write a copied or duplicate blog.
  • Similarly, you will never use any software and tool to write a blog on a given topic to become a perfect blog writer.
  • So, now you should think about that topic by using other writing technics without copying their content.
  • Similarly, you have also an idea about that topic and you should write the main things which are required by viewers or users.
  • Your Blog should be perfect and accessible for all readers who are reading your blog.
  • Always try to write a blog as per user requirement or customer requirement. If they are satisfied then you will become a successful blog writer.
  • You can also comment below for getting more topics like this.
Rules For Blog perfect Writing

1. Focus and Research on Topic.

2. Try to write an Attractive blog as per both customer or user requirements.

3. Always try to write an ethical blog that will contain unique information about the topic.

4. Similarly, Ignore Copy information and Plagiarized information about the Topic

5. Don’t use software and tools for writing blogs on a given topic.

6. Always be a student and try to learn new things about blog writing.

7. Always find new opportunities to become a successful blog writer.

Best Opportunites for Blog Writing

There are many opportunities available for blog writer if he/she has a basic knowledge about blog writing.
Here, I going to Telling You the best platforms and chances for a blog writer to make their successful career in this field.
So, If you don’t get a job then don,t take tension. please try again on other platforms. And please inform us if you don’t get any Job. So, I will reply to you very soon. here are the best Platforms for your Blog writing career. So, let’s check.

Apply on Freelancer Site

  • Here are the best freelancer sites where you can apply for a Blog writing job. By making a good profile and providing sample works.
  • So, please check these sites to make money online. Similarly, we will also discuss these platforms in detail in another session.


Apply For News Website

  • This the best opportunity for you to work on a news website. you can apply online on their official websites.
    and If your application is perfect then you will get the best job at home.
  • Here is the best news website where you can apply for a job.


Be Your Own Boss

  • If you have basic or great knowledge about blog writing. And you don’t want to work for others. Then this Tip is for you.
  • So, You can work for yourself. And you can make a blog or website and start posting information about the selective topics. You will not get paid immediately but if your blog gets traffic there are more opportunities to make money from Blogging.

So, now it’s your time to think about this career and start with a fresh mind. If you find any difficulty with it.
Then comment below and follow me on social media handlers. I will give a reply regarding your problem.

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