how to become a blogger

How to become a blogger? this question is always comes into everyone’s mind. But If you have basic knowledge about it.
of course, you can become a successful blogger. But, before that, you should keep this thing in mind. you will never be an unregular blogger. Because if you don’t work regularly then you will never become a successful blogger.

SO, welcome to the short per day website. here I am going to tell you the best Tips for how to become a blogger.
Similarly, I will provide you the best blogging niches at the end of this article. So, It will be amazing for you to choose the perfect blogging niche as per your interest. So, Let’s get started.

how to become blog writer
how to become Blogger

What Is Blogging?

Blogging means writing content on your Digital platform like a website and blog through the internet.
and gaining massive traffic on your blog through the search engine via the Internet. In another way, blogging means writing Information on a digital platform as per the requirement of the user and for knowledge for any topic.

how to become a blogger

  • Blogging is one of the best Part-Time or Full-Time Profession for all types of people. If you are an employee, Student, or Housewife. but to become a blogger is the main point.
  • Nowadays, blogging is one of the growing field or profession on the Internet Where many Individuals And Companies Work on that.
  • If any person wants to earn part-time money, then he/ she can earn through blogging by just posting attractive and important content.
  • Blogging is simple but it becomes hard when you don’t take any technical knowledge about it. before the start, you should take some basic knowledge about it.
  • There are many fraud companies or Digital platforms that give you a guarantee to teach blogging by taking more fees.
  • But at the end of the course, you realize that blogging is not for you or fake. But, truly believe me.
    Blogging is not fake or fraud. this is real that gives you more money than your acceptance. but, you should do it in the right way.
  • So, here I am telling you the process to become a perfect blogger without taking any fees from you.
    Similarly, I am telling you the best technics to create an attractive blogging platform for your viewers.
    Just real all information carefully here.

Tips for how to become a blogger

1. Firstly, take basic knowledge about blogging on Google if you don’t know. otherwise, see forward.

2. Now you know about blogging and you need technical things which always used for blogging.

3. Check your goal about your blogging career If you want to do part-time or full time.

4. Normally, I am recommending you to do blogging part-time if you have another profession.

5. If you have free time and you are a student or housewife then you should do it full time.

6. Mainly, Always keep in mind blogging is not a fast track to make money in just 1 month.

7. It takes a time of about 3-4 months. But, it gives you perfect results and satisfaction after getting money from it.

8. If you write attractive content on your blog then it will take less time to become a successful blogger.

9. Please see technical Tips to start Your blogging career.

19 Technical Tips to become a blogger
  1. Now, you have basic knowledge about it and you are starting to make a blog on the Internet.
  2. Mainly, you need a Digital platform to write your content on that like a Website or Blog.
  3. There is a need for Technical Terms known as DOMAIN And Hosting.
  4. The domain is a web address where users can reach this address through the search engine on the Internet.
  5. Hosting is A Digital Storage medium or C.P.U where you will write your content and check your blog performance.
  6. You should Buy Custom domains for your blog or website to engage more viewers or traffic.
  7. You can try free Domains like and but, these domains will contain limitations.
  8. So, you should buy Custome Domain like .com, .in, and .net. These are high-level domains also available at low costs.
  9. You can buy them on Domain providing companies like Godaddy and Hostgator.
  10. Now you need a Hosting where you will write and analyze your blog or website performance.
  11. If you want to try Free hosting. Then I will recommend you to try Hosting of
  12. Where you can use free hosting which is provided by Google. and you can connect your Custom Domain to This Hosting.
  13. It will take 5-6 months to rank your blog on google perfectly.
  14. If you want early results then you can buy Hosting from hosting providers like Godaddy and Hostgator.
  15. So, if you have some funds to buy hosting then I will recommend you to buy Both Domain and Hosting from one Company.
  16. So, it will be affordable for you to purchase both in a low amount.
  17. Similarly, you will not need to Connect Domain to Hostin Manually.
  18. So, Always try to buy Domain And Hosting From One Company.
  19. Now you have Both Domain and Hosting. So, Can Start writing your content as per your niche. and you are on the perfect track to become a blogger.
Technical Rules to become a blogger

1. You should write content regularly as per your schedule.

2. Normally, There is no need to write content in quantity but you should right quality content as per requirement.

3. Before Writing Content You should Search For Keyword Which is a more important thing in blogging which we will discuss very soon.

4. Always try to buy Domain and Hosting From Reputed Hosting Providing Companies.

5. Alway try to buy hosting with a low budget if you are a beginner. after getting views you can upgrade the plan.

6. Alway try to buy a hosting and domain plan for an annual or yearly package so you will never be lost your more money.

7. So, You will think about your invested money and you will try to cover it.

8. Choose the perfect niche and don’t mix up multiple niches in your blog.

Best Niches to become a blogger
  • You can select any niches from suggesting the below niche. But if you have decided to make a blogging career in another niche.
  • Then you should check details about the growth of that niche and you will able to choose the perfect niche. Here are some best niches for your blogging.

1. Fashion Blogging
2. Electronics Blogging
3. Food Blogging
4.Technical Blogging Blogging

How the blogger earn money? or how to earn from blogging?

There are many ways to earn money through blogging but I am telling you the best sources to make money from them.

1. Google Adsense

This is one of the best ways to earn money through your blog. If you have average traffic on the blog then you can apply for AdSense approval.
They show ads on your blog and gives you money as per your viewer’s traffic. There are many advertising companies but Google Adsense is the best
for your blog earning.

2. Promotion

Promotion is a way to promote other brands on your blog or website. you can also make money through the promotion.
These companies give you a huge amount of money as per your viewership.

3. Branding

If you have massive traffic then you become a brand. and you can do branding in which you can sell your own brands on though your blog.
You can also become the brand owner of your product and also you can sell products through other blogs.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best technics to earn money by selling companies like Amazon and Flipkart.
You can join their affiliate programs and share your links on your blog if anyone buys a product from that link then you will get paid.

5. Courses

If you have an education-related blog then you can provide digital pdf, books, and courses online. and you can fix fees for these courses.
Also, you will make a huge amount of money by providing Live Online Classes.

So, now you are the perfect blogger and start your blogging career. If you find any difficulty. Please comment below.
I will reply very soon.

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