how to get more traffic in blogger : Best tips forever

blogger is the most important platform for beginners who don’t want to spend money on buying Hosting for their websites at the beginning. Blogger is the most important platform for gaining more visitors to Websites. Bloggers always help beginners who do regular posting on their websites.

how to get more traffic in blogger

It may take 6 months to get legit and organic traffic Using the Blogger platform. but if you use my tips here then you can grow in just 1 Month. Because it took so much time for me to understand how to get more traffic in blogger. I will just tell you basic tips for increasing your traffic in an easy and legit way.

We aren’t going to use any Software and spam site for increasing our website traffic automatically in blogger. Blogger is a platform where you can host your website easily without paying Money. So, just follow the following tips and apply them to your daily routine.

how to increase blog traffic fast

1. Use Proper Description :

  • If you are going to post your new post on blogger and you wanted to make it searchable on Search engines like google Then you have to use Proper descriptions for your Post.
  • Because it will be your tag if you use it in a proper way. Don’t describe your blog in the description Box. You have to add Supportive Keywords in this Box.
  • Supportive keywords are like keywords that match your Blog topic on which you are going to write a blog. But you have to add these keywords somewhere in the blog post also.
  • Blogger uses description box as tag or Keywords which are very important for making your blog content searchable.
  • You can use many suggest keywords in your Post and you can add them into the Description Box as Tags.

 2. Use Supportive or Related Keywords:

  • For Example: If you are going to write an article on the Main keyword which is “how to write content for your website”. So, You can find Supportive keywords for it using Keyword Discovery Technique.
  • As I found supportive keywords for this keyword which are how to write unique content for my website, how to write content for your business website, how to write content for your business website, how to write content for the company website. You can also find keywords like these.
  • I will also tell you how you can Do keyword research for your blog Topics in Other Articles. So, now you have the Main keyword which will be used as a Title.
    And you should use these supportive keywords in your Post also.
  •  You can add these supportive Keywords as per your requirement. It depends on you how you can Do Keyword Research.

  3.  Use Proper theme or Template : 

  • I already told you about the best templates or themes for bloggers in the Recent article. The theme is an Important Part of a blogging career.
  • There are many types of themes are available in the market but you should use only the Best themes that are relevant and Legal.
  • It’s not important for Getting traffic but If you use a proper and responsive theme or template. Then you can handle Stable Visitors on your BlogPost.
  • You can use SEO-friendly themes for generating more traffic to your blog. I shared the best SEO-friendly templates in Lats Article for Getting more traffic.
  • There are many templates for bloggers but you should use only a legit and responsive template or Fast Traffic on your Blog Post.

    4.  Manage Proper Setting On blogger 

  • If you are hosting your Blog/Website on the blog then you should set up proper settings for your Future Audience On your Blog. You have to set up a Proper setting for your blog for Making your site Searchable on Blog.
  • You should use proper Search settings in Setting Sections For getting Organic and real traffic to your blog. The following images show the Basic settings when you start your Posting.
  • So, You should Set up all these settings in your Account for more Visitors.

     5.  Use Alt Text For Images

  • When you are going to upload your Images on Blog Posts then always try to use alt Text which is very useful for getting more traffic for your Blog. But you have to use proper alt Text for this.
  • Alt text means A keyword that is being used on the Title section of your Post.
  • Alt-text is the Main keyword of your Post. While uploading the Image you should use the Proper Alt text to Getting More traffic on your site.
  • Alt text helps you to drive more traffic through Images. So, you can drive massive traffic from it.
     6. how to get traffic to the new blog
  • If you are running a new blog Using the Blogger Platform then you have to make a Minimum of 10 Best articles On your Blog. Because Your posts should become in front of Search Engines where their Boats can find you.
  • But firstly, you have to set Up basic Settings for your blog which have been Explain in the above Images. It is very challenging for New bloggers Bloggers to drive more traffic to the blog.
  • But you can’t do any Span And illegal work there. But if you use these all tips then I promise you you will be the best blogger.
  • You have to spend Nearly One month using all these technics and similarly, you have to post the best article daily. If you are unable to spend the articles on a daily basis then you should post one in 2days also.

It would be fine if you use all these tips and techniques for making your blog Tafficable.

So, these are Tips for getting more traffic on your blog. So, you can use these technics which are useful and legal as per Google Guidelines.

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