How To Increase Speed Of Your Website : 100% Guide

If you are running a low-speed website or blog then you can’t make a profitable business. Similarly, you will face a low ranking of your website on Google.

So, your all hard work is waste of time if you don’t focus on your important factor. But here I am going to tell you the best tips for improving website speed. For that you have to just focus on the given information in this article so, let’s start.

How To Increase Speed Of Your Website

Before that, you have to measure your website speed using two website speed checkup tools.
1) Google speed Insights
2) GT Metrix

Both tools are popular and responsible for checking the speed of the website. It gives you the best speed checkup results for your website.

Similarly, it gives you suggestions to improve your website speed. But here I going to tell you basic points to improve your website speed.

how to increase speed of your website
how to increase the speed of your website

how to increase website speed

Once you detect your site speed on GT Metrix or Google speed insights. Then you can make changes to your site as per suggestions.

But here I am going to tell you basic things which should be applied by you to improve your website speed.
You should apply all these things in your daily routine.

How To Increase Speed Of Your Website

1. Choose best Hosting Plans

  • Hostinger is the best Hosting provider company that provides you fast and responsive Hosting plans.
  • This Company gives you the best Responsive hosting plans which are comfortable for beginners also.
  • You can try other hosting companies also like Go daddy, A2Hosting, Blue Host, and other reputed hosting provider companies.
  • If you choose the best hosting plan then you will not face a Small Text error after posting any type of article on your website.
  • Similarly, you will get the best user attention response on your website.
  • You can buy hosting plans with low cost and high cost also.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with annual plans then you can start with monthly packages also.
  • You can visit their official website and choose your best plan as per your requirement.

2. Use Compressed image

  • Images and photos are the main factors for website speed. If you don’t use basic technics to upload images then your website will be slow.
  • You can use plugins to compress images in your website’s article. Similarly, you can use Free tools to compress images online.
  • You can use the following tools to compress images online. So, you will not need to use Plugins to compress images.
  1. Compress jpeg
  2. Tiny jpg
  3. Compress Now
  4. Image Compressor
  5. image optimizer

3. Use Limited Plugins

  • If you are using WordPress or any type of CMS then you have uninstalled unused plugins for your website.
  • Because it could be decreased website speed. So, it is also an important problem which should be solved.
  • If you use limited and usable plugins in the WordPress admin panel of your website then you can increase the speed of your website.
  • You can uninstall your unused plugins just by going to the admin panel of the website.

4.Always Use CDN

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a fast and genuine technic to increase your website speed.
  • This facility allows the website to give a fast and clear response to user’s queries. It gives fast results for your user.
  • To use CDN, you can create an account on Cloudfare which is a popular and famous CDN provider company.
  • You can use it for free also. Similarly, you can use Cloudfare as Domain handling admin also if you change the Server Name of the Domain.
  • It will increase the speed of your website if your website has more storage or not.
  • So, you should also use CDN for increasing the speed of your website.

5. Do not use the POP-UP window

  • If your website is new and has a low-level hosting plan then don’t use the pop-up plugin.
  • It decreases FCP(First Contentful page) speed.
  • So, If you are using high Hosting plans then you can use this plugin for maintaining daily visitors to your website.
  • It is depending on you to use this type of plugin if you are comfortable buying higher plans of hosting.

How To Increase Speed Of Your Website

how to improve the website loading speed

  • Loading speed fully depends on Two factors which are the Speed of the Internet and the size of your website page.
  • If users are using the 3G speed of the internet and your website needs more speed to load then it will take time to open the full page.
  • That’s why we can Use CDN to clear the network speed of your website.
  • You have to make your website fully compressed and similarly, you should make it fast with any type of internet speed.
  • You can solve this problem if you use the above-given Tips.
  • if Loading Speed is fast then it will take 10 MB to snap whole your website speed otherwise it will take more time t load.
  • Loading speed also depends on the server so you should also yo best hostings.

How To Increase Speed Of Your Website

how to improve website performance

  • Once your website is fully Downloaded on Web server then you have to make it more responsive.
  • If you improve the loading speed of your website then it is also necessary to improve website behavior and performance.
  • If the user is scrolling down and not comfortable accessing a webpage you have to work on it.
  • Once your website gets loaded then your website shouldn’t be slow if someone is scrolling it.
  • So, you should keep this thing in your mind.
  • For that, you have to use compressed images and embedded videos in your website for providing good Website performance.

So, you can use these all tips to make your WordPress website and Responsive. You can also check other articles to make your WordPress website perfect.

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