How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

For any website, there is more need for response time and spend if the website is new to the market. If we use a WordPress-based website then users must make the WordPress website mobile-friendly.

If we make our website mobile-friendly then it will also affect our website ranking in a good manner.

But that’s not easy as we start our website and make it mobile-friendly. Before making your website mobile-friendly. You have to make all settings and use the best plugins for making your site speed fast.

how to make wordpress website mobile friendly
how to make WordPress website mobile-friendly

So, here I am going to tell you the best ideas and tips to make your word press website mobile-friendly.

How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

1. Use Good Hosting Company

how to make wordpress website mobile friendly
how to make WordPress website mobile-friendly

If you want to make your WordPress website fast and mobile-friendly then you have to choose the perfect hosting company for your website

A good hosting provider company gives you the best server responsive time, latest PHP versions, latest javascript, and other programming updations.

If you want to make your site mobile-friendly then these hosting companies are very good for your WordPress website.

1) Hostinger
2) A2 Hosting
3) Go daddy
4) Blue Host

You can check and choose any company from them by seeing their reviews also.

I will also make a separate review of these hosting provider companies for your surety.

But, according to Me, you should choose a hosting starter plan if you have a low and general budget.

Hostinger is very good for beginners who want to start with a small investment. So, if you want to buy from Hostinger then you can
Buy it.

Advantages of good hosting companies :

how to make wordpress website mobile friendly
how to make WordPress website mobile-friendly

1. Small text error Fix
2. Skip to content error fix ( Cache Error in plugins)
3. Fast Server Response Time
4. Easy access for websites

How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

2. Use Responsive Theme

Many speed problems are always related to irresponsive themes. Because of these themes, a beginner never tries blogging because they don’t get a good response from users. So, If you want to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly then you must read the following information.

A responsive theme is the most important factor which always affects your website or blog.

And if you want to make your website mobile-friendly then good themes become necessary.

Following are the best themes that are most important to make a WordPress website mobile-friendly.

we will also make a review article on these responsive themes. But, you can choose any of them as your wish.

1. Mobile Friendly
2. Generate press
3. Avada
4. Divi
5. Uncode
6. Udesign
7. Astra
8. Spacious
9. Neve
10. Enfold
11. JustBlue
12. Hestia
13. H-Code
14. WooShop
15. Profile Theme

How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

3. Always Useless weightage font

Font plays important role in your website if you want to make it mobile responsive.

Whatever heading you use in your website always makes your website slow if you have heavy fonts.

Here are the best lightweight fonts for making your WordPress website mobile-friendly.

  • Raleway.
  • Open Sans.
  • Roboto.
  • Titillium Web.
  • Source Sans Pro.
  • Bebas Neue.
  • Exo 2.
  • Dense.

How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

4. Remove unnecessary plugins

Plugins are back-end supporters for your website if you use them in the right way.

“Unactivated plugins can affect your website speed if you don’t focus on them”.

Sometimes your website can be hacked because of just this irresponsibility

But, if you use some plugins that will help your word press website mobile-friendly.

There is no need to use mobile-friendly plugins. Just follow the tips which I have explained.

But if I found some useful plugins for making your WordPress website mobile-friendly then I will make a new article on the best mobile-friendly plugins.

5. Customize your website mobile-friendly

Good Customization of a website depends on good themes. So, if you choose mobile-friendly them then you just need to arrange your header, footer, and middle section of the website.

Here are the five Important things for mobile-friendly customization

1. Make a responsive and attractive homepage.
2. Use lightweight content on the homepage like fonts.
3. Use lightweight header fonts.
4. Use lightweight and compressed images on the website.
5. Use a contained size of your website.

How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

6 . Use compressed and small images

Images are the largest term on your website. Images can make your website heavy and it can be slow.
Always use compressed and Webp image format if you want to make your website images fast loading.
Use the Smush plugin to compress and adjust all images on your WordPress website. So, by improving small mistakes you will get the best result.

how to make a WordPress website secure

“Website security is the most important thing to make the website secure. many trafficable websites have been hacked and deleted by hackers”.

So, if your hard work is wasting just by your insecure website then you should secure your website without thinking anything.

If you are a beginner or experienced then both of you should secure your website just by following the below tips.

1. Use Https format

There can be two formats of your website address which are HTTP and HTTPS.

there is no need to explain both terms in detail because you know them very well.

But the important thing that you have to use HTTPS if you want responsive traffic.

It may be playing a good role if you apply for an Adsense account also.

But, if you are reading this then immediately change your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

It increases the user’s trust in your site and also secures your website.

2. Use two-step verification

If you use this two-step verification then you will get notifications from google if any want to login to your word press account.

You can secure your website inefficient way and also you can manage your website security at any time.

3. Use Security plugins

Always use to try any one security plugin for your word press website. Similarly, manage and monitor that plugin also.

You can use the best plugins for your WordPress website security. Similarly, Always use recommended plugins that will give you the best security results.

Here are recommendation plugins. You can use one of them and also we will make a separate article on this.

1. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

2. All In One WP Security & Firewall

3. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

4. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

5. BulletProof Security

4. Create an account on trusted websites

If you are going to create a backlink then there will be a need of creating an account for your website.

In this situation always check that website’s domain authority and SSL certificate.

If you are creating an account on these websites then make sure you shouldn’t make any survey and review on this website.

Always try to visit the respective and good websites if you are using your word press website email.

5. Always monitor health score

If you visit your word press dashboard then always try to check your site health.

If you found any recommendations and suggestions from WordPress then just try to improve them.

Because a word press is also a tool which also monitors your website if it finds any problem on your website.

Always try to delete spam comments which can be handled by .boats.

If you find any comment related to spam comments then immediately delete it and decline it.

Sometimes some hackers use spam comments to hack your website.

How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

how to make a WordPress website faster

There is no magic trick to make your WordPress website fast. You should care about the following things which are important for your website.

Following are the most important terms for making your website faster than your competitors.

Before making the change on your website, You should check and analyze your website by checking on GT Metrics and Google Page Speed.

Enter Your Website’s URL on their website and check what type of problem occurs on your site.
Following are the terminologies that should be good for your website. If you Improve them then your website will load faster.

1. First Contentful Paint

First contentful Paint means How quickly content like text or images is painted onto your page. So, I told you recently that, use lightweight Fonts on Your website.
Similarly use the compressed images on your website on ate homepage. So, If any image has been set up on your homepage then it will load fast.
As per Google Rules, Your Website’s FCP( First content Ful Paint) should be 0.9 or less. If you don’t maintain this speed then immediately improve problems.

2. Speed Index

Speed index means How quickly the contents of your page are visibly populated. SI is also important as per web core vital rules. The good SI is 1.3 or less.
Speed Index can affect your ranking also if users move into another site instead of your website. So you should improve it.
But If you improve FCP then you can this problem also.

3. Largest Contentful Paint

Largets Contentful Paint means occurring problem with the large element on your website. Similarly, If your website is related to images and photo marketing then
you will face this problem.
In this situation, you should use Image CDN from Cloudflare and any other company. So, you can solve this problem also.
But if your website is regarding the informational web content only. Then you should use compressed images if required. If you need A good user experience then the speed should be is 1.2s or less.

4. Time to Interactive

this measures how long it takes for your page to become fully interactive. If you want good results then your site should load in 2.5s or less.
Many Websites use different types of CDNs to achieve a good user experience. Similarly, You can speed up your website by just improving Time to Interactive.

5. Total Blocking Time

good user experience is 150ms or less. So, It means your websites’ scripts should block time 150ms or less.
If your scripts block time o MS. Then it will be easy for you to make a website fast.

6. Cumulative Layout Shift

If you properly customize your size then this problem will never occur to your site. because Your page’s layout should shift at the proper time.
The average time for this operation is 0.1 or less. You can improve your website by checking and improving these all problems.

These all problem comes under the web core vitals and you should try to monitor these problems on weekly basis by using GT metric And Google page speed.
These are the main terminologies that will give you the best results to make your website faster.

I have explained all Tips and Ideas To Make Your WordPress website Mobile-friendly, Secure, and Faster. If you found any difficulty in this article then comment to me below.

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