How To Make WordPress Website

How To Make WordPress Website? WordPress is one of the best Platform for making websites without having any programming skills. as all, you know word press is a CMS ( content management system) where any type of website can be created on this platform.

Before we start,  We have to know about the most 2 important things for making any type of website that is domain and hosting. If you don’t know what is domain and hosting then you should check our other article also. So, let’s start. So, i am going to discuss about How To Make WordPress Website. 

how to make wordpress website
how to make a WordPress website

How To Make WordPress Website

how to make a website using WordPress

how to make wordpress website
how to make  WordPress website

For any website developer, there is a need for domain and hosting. Which are the most important things for making your website available on google.

But, if you have these two things then you can make any type of website by using WordPress and other platforms also.

You can use word press only when you have purchased hosting from any other company like Hostinger, Go daddy, A2hosting and etc.

How To Make WordPress Website

Steps for creating a WordPress website

1. Buy hosting and domain

There are many companies that give you domain and hosting for free.

But there is no importance of these types of websites which are hosted on free plans.

Because these companies always try to give a free plan for getting more traffic on their websites.

So, if you really want to make money through websites then you should purchase website premium plans.

Hostinger, A2hosting, GoDaddy, and other hosting companies give you affordable domain and hosting plans also.

But, according to me you should purchase a domain and Hosting from Hostinger.

Because this company always tries to provide the best packages for beginners without having any duration rules.

You can buy their hosting services on monthly basis also.

2. Set up hosting account

After purchasing the domain and hosting from your selected company. “You can select any type of platform for creating a website”.

Joomla is also a popular Website creating platform. but here we are talking about word press.

So, imagine you have purchased hosting and domain from Hostinger. You can buy from any hosting company.

But here I am taking the example of hostinger just for an informational purpose.

3. Set up server location

After purchasing the plan login into your hosting account.

Then set up your hosting By choosing word press. You can choose a new website or migrate your existing website also.

After this, the most important factor is server setup which should be set up according to your requirements.

If you want traffic from the USA and other western countries then you can select the American server.

Otherwise, choose an Asian server that will be relevant for Indian traffic.

You can choose the following 4 servers

1. Europe (Netherlands)
2. Europe ( Lithuania )
3. North America the USA
4. Asia (Singapore)

After finishing all of this you will get to your H panel known as the C panel in hostinger.

3. Setup WordPress

Now, you are in the H panel where you can manage your website using programming knowledge or non-programming knowledge.

Now, scroll down and go to the auto-installer option where you can download or install WordPress for creating a word press website.

Before installation, you will need to fill in all information.

1. Fill in the website name
2. Setup word press username and password
3. Fill Website Title
4. Language
5. After filling up, keep all things like it and then proceed.
6. After doing this step you can directly login into word press admin panel by just typing
Your website name/wp-admin.

Congrats, you have successfully created and set up your website using word press.

How To Make WordPress Website

how to make a WordPress website for free

As a true blogger, I want to tell you the reality of free hosting companies. Free hosting companies always try to get traffic for any reason.

Somehow they always target beginners who want to make their career in blogging and website designing. But there is a catch by getting you a free domain and hosting company. There are many searches about How To Make WordPress Website. 

These companies always try to restrict your unlimited website traffic if you are using a free plan. These types of websites always try to make your website underrated in google ranking. So, solution is here for How To Make WordPress Website. 

If somehow you get traffic, then they always give your competitor’s advertisement.

So this is a very bad thing for your website ranking and authority also. And they always take advantage of your hard work just by giving you a free plan.

But always keep in mind if you want to make a professional website then don’t think about it for free. Start from the small hosting package from any hosting company and after getting some money from your work then upgrade it.

But if you want to use this free word press website for your practice and education purpose then you can use it by following the below steps.

How To Make WordPress Website

WordPress website for free for education purpose only

Step for creating WordPress website for free

There are many free hosting companies that give you free plans. As per deep research, I found Top 8 free hosting companies where we can create websites using WordPress.

1. X10Hosting

2. Cuuwebhosting 


4.infinity free

5.Free Hosting

6. OOO WebbHost

7.WP  Node

8. Free Hosting Noads

So, you can create a WordPress website by using this information also. If you Find any Difficulty Regarding the article then comment below I will reply to you very soon. So, here i have gave you information about How To Make WordPress Website. 

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