How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media? If you want traffic from social media Platforms then you should use these Killer tips for getting millions of traffic to your Blog.But you have to be patient with this because it takes a small duration for getting more traffic from the Social Media Platforms. Because it depends on you how you will use these social media platforms to grab more traffic from it to your blog. Here  I am going to tell you about How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media.

how to promote your blog on social media
how to promote your blog on social media

You can drive more than 1 Million traffic to your blog if you have Quality content for your Social Media Post And main Thing is that you have to be prepared for posting the Contents on your social media accounts.

So, if you haven’t technical knowledge then you can’t gain more traffic.  You should use some tricks and tips for engaging more traffic to your Social Media Accounts. There are many searches for How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media.

It’s is not very easy as you thinking for millions of traffic to your blog but you can do it if have Regularity and also be patient while doing your work. So, solution for How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media is here.

Here are the Important Rules For Using Social Media Platform for getting traffic to your blog from Social media Accounts.

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media Free

Rule 1. Make A proper Profile For your Professional Blog Account

  • If you really want followers on your Social Sites then you have to have your Profile Clear and Professional. You have to be professional in front of your users.
  • You should use Proper and Attractive Icon And Banner for your Profile. So, You should Use HD pictures While uploading New Profile pictures. Your Followers will focus on you if you do this.
  • Because People always Focus and trust Professionals. It.s is Your First Step For making your Website or Blog Social Media Professional Account. It would be very fine if you start with this technique.

Rule 2 . Regularity and Attention

  • If I make an account once and you aren’t focusing on this so, it would be a very bad thing for your Reputation as well as for your Blog. because if Do work Regular then you will get Results at that time only.
  • on Every social media platform, there is a need for regularity Or consistency. So, it would be very easy if you want to be regular and you can grow day by day if you spend only 30-40 Minutes on these Platforms.
  • You should always be attentive when any update is coming on these social media platforms. So, if you update your Information Daily then you can get some important knowledge from this.

Rule 3: Posting

  • Posting is related to posting Your content on social media platforms using some technical Technics. You will get all information below for how you will post your content on different Social Media Platforms.
  • Posting is a very important task for every user if they want to grow fastly. because posting is related to the small part SEO of these social media platforms. You can’t Post anything and on anytime if you really want to increase your Followers.
  • Posting is an important part of your Social Media Handlers where you can Increase or lose your Followers.

Rule 4: Content is King

  • I already told you that “Content is king”. Because As a blogger we know that Our Content quality should be Good. So, it applies to Social Media Platforms Also.  if you use your Brain in proper ways then it would be very easy for you.
  • So, You should Write or Post King content on Your Social Media Platforms. And believe me, You will get Better Result for your this Work.

Rule 5: Be Responsive

  • If you want retention of your Followers then you have to be Responsive. You have to be Responsive if any follower mentions or tags you in their Post. So, It would be very great for Your Social Media Platform.

Rule 6: Hyperlink

  • Always use An external link or hyperlink when you are going to post your content related to your Blog Post.
    It will redirect your followers to your website or blog.
  • So, it would be your audience for your Blog.
    If you have millions of followers the great you are the Champ of Blogging Field.

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

how to promote a blog on social media

Here are the Best 5 Social Media Platforms For getting more Traffic through Them. You should follow the above 5 Important Rules Before Using these Platforms.

1. Twitter

  • One of the best platform for every professional blogger where you can increase you, followers, on this platform.
  • But this platform is very competitive than other Platforms because it Takes time for increasing your followers.
  • Twitter is a Very Professional and reputed social media handler where you can get only Organic and legit Followers.
  • But as I already told you about rules then you have to follow them for this platform also.

2. Instagram

  • Instagram Is also another best social media platform getting massive traffic from it.
  • You have to just post unique and attractive topics on your Account.
  • So, You have to use basic Posting technics which Are proper #tags and Content Quality also.
  • You have to be very attentive while handling this Social Media Platform
  • Increase your follower and also share your Blog Post Links in Your Every Post.

3. Facebook

  • Facebook is an old social media platform but it has the capacity to give you huge traffic for your blog.
  • Similarly, Facebook is very comfortable for every blogger where you can just post and get views on it.
  • This platform is very responsive if you use it in a proper way because it has millions of users who have different types of interests.
  • You can get interested followers on Facebook regarding your Blog Niche.
  • For that, you have to just Focus on attractive posting Of your Content.
4. Pinterest
  • This platform gives you millions of traffic in just a few days because it has many users like Instagram and Facebook.
  • You have to just focus on your Post. Because this platform contains mostly Posts in photos only.
  • But you can provide yo Website link in Photos posts also for engaging more traffic to Your Blog.
5. Gmail ( Professional Gmail)
  • It’s Called E-Mail Marketing Where you can get Legit and constant traffic on your website.
  • You can Scrap Emails From LinkedIn and then send them your message regarding your blog post.
  • You should write professional Emails for getting traffic from Email marketing Technics.

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Steps For Getting Traffic using Email Marketing :
  1. The first step is to write the best Article for posting it as a Subject on Gmail.
  2. Then scrap Data data from LinkedIn and get the Gmail ID of your interested Audience.
  3. After scrapping emails from LinkedIn, you have to send your Gmail message targeted Email Addresses.
  4. Then it depends on them if they want to read it or not. But if you scrap Data of LinkedIn members who are
  5. interested in your Blog Niches then They will Open your message surely.

This technique is Professional and very easy if you try it once. I will also make another article on Linkedin data scrapping where you can scrap LinkedIn data for getting more traffic for your Blog Posts.

So, These are all technics and tips which have been used by many Professional Bloggers who were beginners at one time.

Now it’s time to be a professional and famous blogger like them. So, please use these all technics and For Making your Blog Trafficable. So, I have Explained About How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media.  So, don’t search for How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media.

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