How To Use Google Analytics For SEO (New Tips For You)

How To Use Google Analytics For seo? Google Analytics is another useful product for bloggers who don’t want to invest their money in paid seo tools. There are many features that have been included in google analytics where everyone wants to know about how to use Google analytics for SEO. Google Analytics helps you to do seo before writing an article on your website because whenever you are going to write a new article then you come to know about which topic is trending on google.

Here I am Goin To tell You about How To Use Google Analytics For SEO. Where you can easily able to use analytics for Your Blog Or Website. 

how to use google analytics for seo
how to use google analytics for SEO

So, google analytics only helps you to show you website insights where you can check how much traffic are you driving from google. So, you can check all features of google analytics tools.

How To Use Google Analytics For SEO

Best 5 features of Google Analytics

Real-time Feature

This feature is very good for knowing your traffic sources in which you can see on which sources your website is getting traffic.
Similarly, you can check the Location to check the country of your audience. So, this feature gives you a better idea of where you can target your website as per your selected country.
Similarly, there are many features are available on google analytics and you can use them.

Behavior feature

This feature shows your website’s behavior where you can check how users stay on your website.
And you can observe about audience where you can check their interests regarding your content.
So, if your bounce rate is high then you can improve your website performance, content, and other important things.
Similarly, you can check to google search console reports for improving your website.

Social Media Feature

This feature gives you permission to check your audience through social media.
Similarly, you can check which social media platform is giving you a better response. So, you will get an idea about social media performance.
But, if you using word press for your website then you can also check word press so-called media plugin to check reports.

Google Ads

One of the best features of this tool is google ads reports. So, if you are showing your website’s ads on google for some queries.
Then you can check your website traffic which is coming from google ads. So, you don’t need to use another tool for it.
This feature is very important for a business that runs its ads on google.

Site speed feature

This feature helps you to check your website page speed when any user clicks on your post.
Similarly, this feature helps you to improve page speed by providing suggestions regarding page speed.
You can check the whole website speed when your user goes to your website’s home page.
This feature is unique and no one can think about this feature before visiting the google analytics tool.

How To Use Google Analytics For SEO

how to use Google analytics to improve SEO

You can use google analytics for improving your website seo. Because SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a different thing from website analytics.
Google Analytics tool only gives you website traffic information and other website engagement information. Similarly, Google didn’t launch google analytics for doing website SEO.

But, one thing clear that is you can use this tool for checking your website’s links, behavior, performance.

So, google analytics helps you to provide loops and falls of your website where you can change or improve them.

Google Analytics helps you to make your website better for getting rank in Google on the first page. But, you should know how you can use this for improving the SEO of your website.

Google analytics follows google’s algorithm where you can make your site fast and engaging in front of Google.

Sometimes, you can face many difficulties while using the Google analysis tool but if you practice each and every function then you can be a good website auditor.

There are many ways to use Google analytics for improving your website SEO but only a few bloggers know how to use Google analytics for improving SEO of a website.

How To Use Google Analytics For SEO

Best tips to use google analytics to improve Your Website SEO

1. Search engine optimization includes many things such as the speed of the website. So, you can speed your website.
2. Image optimization is also important for Great SEO. So, you can also use image compression tools.
3. Google analytics show you how many links are giving you traffic. So, you can check that link and use them as a backlink again.
4. Google analytics show you a search engine console report so, you can check and improve low ranking posts on your website.
5. You can check Competition on your keyword also. So, you can change your strategy for writing a new future article on selected keywords.

So, The solution for the How To Use Google Analytics For seo has been provided to you. These are all tips for you to use Google analytics for improving the SEO of your Website. So, Here I just told you  about How To Use Google Analytics For SEO.  So, now it is fully depend on you How To Use Google Analytics For SEO. 

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