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Google Search Console, One of the best SEO tools for your website where you can do your On-page SEO using this tool. So everyone is thinking about how to use the google search console? But, here is the best answer with an explanation for you. So, I will tell you how to use the google search console for listing your website on google search results. Here I am going to show you each and every function of the google search console where you can use it and rank your site easily. Similarly, i will explain you about How To Use Google Search Console.

how to use google search console
how to use google search console

So, Google Search Console is Google’s free on-page SEO tool where you don’t need to pay any single dollar for using it. You can use each and every feature of this Great Tool.  There are meny Searches for How To Use Google Search Console.  You just have to add your website on the Google search console by watching this youtube video.  After Adding your website to the google search  you can use many features of this Useful tool. This tool also supports which is connected to a custom domain and it’s very great for blogger users also.

How To Use Google Search Console

Best 5 Google Search Console Feature

1. Site Overview

  • You can check your website performance under the site overview option where you can analyze your website’s performance.
  • Similarly, You can check Total Clicks, Impressions, CTR(Click Through Rate), Average Position. You can analyze your website Audience also.
  • This feature helps you to check how much traffic do get in Week and month. You can set these options as per your requirement.
  • Similarly, you can choose any one option as per your requirement which can be Total clicks, ctr, impressions, and average position.

2. Coverage

  • This feature helps you to detect site or Url problems on your website. If any URL is detected as a failure then it shows on the coverage Option.
  • There are many websites are facing problem about Websites post errors but many bloggers solve this problem using this feature.
  • Generally, Coverage shows total errors in your website or blog on a weekly and monthly basis. So, the main advantage of this feature is that you can validate and fix these errors in this Google Search Console Feature.
  • You can filter out your errors with valid with a warning, valid, and excluded options. So, this is also a great feature of Google Search Console.

3. Sitemap

  • A sitemap is a popular and important factor in website ranking. Because if you create a good sitemap then you can rank your website regarding suggested queries and topics.
  • The sitemap feature is very important where you submit your website’s site map to make crawling easy for search engine bots.
  • You can submit your site map depending on the format of your website many websites have the same site map extensions such as
  • It helps your website to index every URL and post for google search engines. Similarly, many bloggers make mistakes while creating a site map. But, it also suggests for the wrong sitemap to improve sitemap submission.

4. Removal

  • If your website has low traffic posts or articles and you want to remove the post links on the website then you can use this feature.
  • The removal feature helps you to remove URLs of your websites that are not useful for you. So, You can remove the post link temporarily only.
  • Similarly, the removal process is temporary but not permanent. But, I think this feature is also fantastic because you can remove the post URL without going to the admin panel.

5. Web Core Vital

  • This feature gives you a report about your website speed where you can improve your website speed using these features. Website speed is always different for mobile and Desktop.
  • Because you have set your website as per mobile and Desktop.
  • Similarly, there are many factors that matter for Website speed which are LCP, CLS, FID, and other web core vitals parameters. So, if you face a slow website speed problem then you can check it through Web core Vital Feature.
  • It will show your website speed on Mobile, Desktop, and Pad also.

How To Use Google Search Console

how to use google search console to improve SEO

Only Google search console will never help you to improve your whole website’s SEO. But, there are many features are available in the google search engine for improving your SEO.

Search Engine optimization contains many tasks and googles search engine provides you 60%. Next, you will also learn about How To Use Google Search Console.

But, the remaining 40% is your responsibility to do SEO for your website. But one feature that is very important to improve your SEO which is URL Inspection.

How To Use Google Search Console

So, URL Inspection feature helps you to list your website post in google search engine where Google bots can crawl your website.
Similarly, you can check which post is indexed or not on the google search engine.

It helps you to index your website and give signals to search engine bots to crawl your website pages. Similarly, You can also check Off-page SEO performance which is backlinks.

You can go to the link feature where you can check your website’s external and internal links. So, you will get an idea about Baclinks also.

How To Use Google Search Console

how to use new google search console

Google search console is updated every month or year for giving the best performance for its users.
Recently google search console has come with a new feature which is Search Console Insights where you get the Exact visitor’s information. The best trick for How To Use Google Search Console Given below.
You can check how many visitors visited your website and how much traffic you have got.
This feature shows you the growth of your website where you can improve your website day by day. So, this feature is in beta version but it will be announced officially by Google.

So, Google search console is also a useful tool like other tools like SEMrush, Ahref, and Ubbersuggest which are Paid Tools. But you can do On-Page SEO using Google Search Console Also. So, you don’t need to search for How To Use Google Search Console All solutions have been explained here.  Article By: Shots Per Day

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