How To Use SEO Tools (100% New Methods As per Algorithms)

Everyone wants to do SEO for their website and business. But many bloggers don’t know how to use SEO tools to get the best results for websites. Every blogger should take care of website SEO where they can get Massive traffic to their blog or website. So, here are the best tips for using SEO tools for your website. There are many SEO tools are available in the market but you have to choose as per your requirement.

how to use seo tools
how to use seo tools

for example, If you are going to do SEO for your Tiny blog or website then you can use low-budget SEO tools that will give the best SEO reports for your website. “there is no need to use high-budget SEO tools”. Because if you have fewer returns from your website then you should not try high-budget SEO Tools. here are the best suggestions for every blogger who don’t know how to use SEO tool.

How To Use SEO Tools

Use SEO Tools for Keyword Research

If you’re going to use free tools for doing SEO for your website then you have to use them regularly. Similarly, you have to do keyword research without using any other tool. Actually, Keyword research doesn’t come in SEO but keyword research is the important part.
Keyword research is an important part of your blogging career and without this, you can’t select a better keyword to write an article on it. So, you should know which keyword tool will help you to do keyword research.

I think,  if you want to do keyword research with free subscriptions the Both is the Best Choice for you if you wanted to rank your website in USA Location. Both are best for you if you want to use a free keyword research tool.
There are exact results for your keyword research operations and Both follows google for giving the best keyword ideas to you. “If you want paid keyword research tools you can use Semrush, Ahref which are highly used tools”.

How To Use SEO Tools

How to use keyword research tools

Go to keyword research tool or website then you can add your keyword in the blank box.
You will get many keyword ideas for making an article on it.
You can select low competition keywords if you beginner and your site are new to Google.
You can also check youtube videos for Getting better ideas about keyword research.

How To Use SEO Tools

Use Seo Tools for Site Audit

For every blogger, it is very important to check the website’s performance as well as improving mistakes in the website. A website audit is a very important factor in blogging where many websites don’t perform very well.
“If you do a site audit for your website then you can analyze your website traffic, backlinks, DA(Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority), and other parameters also”.
You can do site audits using many SEO tools but You should choose a reputed and good SEO tool for your website audit. So, Semrush Site Audit, Ahref Site Audit would help you to do better site audits than others.
A site audit is very important and you should do a site audit every month. So, you will get an idea about your website’s performance.

How To Use SEO Tools

Use  Seo Tools for Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important part of your website where you can drive massive traffic through backlinks only. So, you should use the best tools for the backlink checker.
So, Semrush, Ahref, and Ubbersuggest are the best tools to check your website’s backlinks. So, if you get a report about your website backlinks then you can create one using the semrush tool also.
The backlink is off-page SEO for your website where you can create 1000 backlinks and get traffic for your website. There are many ways to create backlinks for your website. I recently discussed backlink creation in the last article.

How To Use SEO Tools

SEO Tools Usage Guidelines

1. Always use One SEO tool for your website.
2. Similarly, do a website audit every month.
3. Always try free SEO tools if you are a new blogger.
4. Do not use different SEO Tools every month
5. Always, Check the DA and Pa of your website.

How To Use SEO Tools

how to use google trends for SEO

Generally, Google trends are mainly used for keyword research so, We can use them for Website SEO. Google trend shows trending topics and keywords for you.
So, you can use it for creating new articles on trending topics. So, Google trends show search engine topics only.
If you want to start your new blog and you want to know new keyword ideas then you can use google trends. So, SEO is different for Google Trends and we can’t use it for our website’s SEO
But, you can use it for creating backlinks for your website where you can check your keyword competition and competitor article on it.
But, you can’t analyze backlinks with details with google trends.

How To Use SEO Tools

How To Use SEO Tools (how to use ubersuggest)

Ubberseggest is very good for you if you are a beginner and low budget for your website. Because Ubbersuggest provides you best and good pricing to start with it.
Neil Patel s very smart person who understands new bloggers and help them by providing low-budget tool such as Ubbersuggests. You can check our other article where we discussed Ubbersuggest in detail.
You can use Ubbersugges for Keyword research, Backlink Checker, Site Audit, and many more operations.
Just go and check the Ubbersuggest website for more details.

So, you can use SEO tools as per your website requirement where you can choose any of one from them which are given above.

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