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Everyone wants to get more traffic to their blog or website but many blog writers and content writers have only knowledge about writing not about SEO. SEO is a huge thing in search engines where we have to do SEO according to new algorithms and new Updates.

writing the best blog for SEO is the art of every SEO master or writer. Meanwhile, everyone wants to take charge to run their website on the first page. So, here are the best tips about how to write the best blog for SEO. so, it will help you to rank your article and blogs on the search engine’s top page.

best seo tips
How To Write Best Blog For SEO

Before beginning this we have to know about SEO which is a very important thing to write articles according to SEO. it will help you to write the best blog for SEO. SEO writing is a very good thing for every business where you can grow your business just by using SEO tools that will help you to write attractive SEO-friendly articles, blogs, news, and many more.

how to write the best blog for SEO

while writing the best blog for SEO you have to keep some things in your mind :

  1. Title
  2. Keyword
  3. Content and article Length
  4. Backlink
  5. On-Page SEO
  6. Conclusion
  7. Image


Title is the most important point while writing your content or article. the title helps you to get clicked by many users who are searching for their queries.
Similarly, an engaging tile will help you to grab more visitors to your website or blog. Your tile should contain a keyword in it.

As I observed many websites use numbers, power words,s and emotional words in their title because they want to grab more visitors early as possible. Similarly, SEO tools like Rankmath and Yoast SEO always recommend this.

For writing the best blog for SEO you have to write the best title for your website content. otherwise, you will not able to get more clicks to your website.
So, SEO-optimized titles also help you to get more traffic.

The use of numbers in your tile will also help you to get more traffic. if you write a title like “100% tips for SEO” will also grab more visitors because you are providing surety to readers so, users can attract mostly by reading this type of title.

Best Blog Titles For SEO

if you want to write the best title then you should include the power words like. RankMath you can refer to this to know more about power words.

Power words can be three types:

  1. Seductive Power Words
  2. Emotional Power Words
  3. Sensory So, you have to use powerful words in your blog title to attract more visitors to your site.


The keyword is the success key for writing the best blog for SEO. If you understand how to use keywords smartly in your article or blog then you will never lose your CTR and Search impression on search engines.

A high-density keyword will help you to reach more users on the Search engine. The keyword is the main thing in SEO. because if we use low competition keywords with high impressions we can grab more visitors to our site.

You should use proper keywords to write your content or article. You can use SEMrush and Ahref tools which are good for finding keywords.
These are paise tools but they provide a free plan for you also. Otherwise, you can use Ubbersuggest to do keyword research also.

You should use focused keywords in your article where keyword density will be maintained in your content. So, it will help you to Ensure your SEO on-page score also. meanwhile, it will also help you to write the best blog for SEO.

The keyword is the main point in SEO. So, you should also use keywords in your Title, Description, and meta tags also. it will help you to increase the SEO score of your Blog.

Content and article Length

If you write 1000 words of content or an article. then it will also be ok. because this is the minimum requirement to write an SEO-friendly blog or article. Actually, every article can’t be long and lengthy because some articles only focus on short answers and problem-solving concepts. so, sometimes this article would be written in fewer words.

But, it will not affect your SEO score if you maintain the keyword density in your article. in 1000 articles you should use more than 10 same keywords. so. it will help you to write the best blog for SEO.

You should also write attractive articles or blogs to maintain the users’ availability on your blog. you should write a good and neat article that solves the user’s real-life problem.

if you want to write a huge article that will contain more than 2000 words you should maintain keyword density also. otherwise, it will not help you to rank your website using SEO.


The most important aspect of SEO is backlink. Backlinks are the most important thing in the world of SEO, where you can grab more traffic if you have created more backlinks for your website.

Giving a backlink to your website will help you to increase the DA and PA of your website. Sometimes, referring to other websites in your content or blog will help you to increase your availability in search engines.

So, always try to use reputed websites as a backlink in your article or content. So, it will help you to increase the score of your referring domain in SEO.

On-Page SEO

This includes Title, Keyword density, external link, meta description, tags, alt images, and many more. On-page SEO is also responsible for writing the best blog for SEO On-page SEO helps you optimize your website naturally for organic traffic.

Similarly, it helps to increase the availability of search engines for related queries. On-page SEO helps the business also to increase its sales.
If you are a blog writer then you should have great knowledge about ON-PAGE SEO.

So, every website on the first page of the search engine has a great On-Page SEO score.


This is the ending of the article or content. The conclusion helps you to be a trustworthy article writer or blog writer. If you write a conclusion about the whole article then you can grab your existing visitors also.

Similarly, you will grab organic traffic also by using keywords in this. So, the conclusion is also a good part of writing the best blog for SEO.


Images are very important to make the blog attractive and user-friendly. The image helps you to increase the availability of users on your blog or website.
If you use proper SEO-optimized images in your blog then you can grab traffic through the image also.

Alt image will help you to rank your images in search engines for the related queries. So, similarly, you can grab more visitors through the images only.
You can optimize image size and also change the quality of the image in the same setting on WordPress also.

So, you should keep in mind that if you want to write an attractive and best blog for SEO then you should follow all the tips given above that will help you to grow your blog or website fastly in an organic Way.

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