important blogging tips for beginners

If you are wishing to rank your blog in just a month then remove it from your brain. because “any search engine never trusts on any blog in only 1 month”. It can take time but believe me following are the 9 important tips to make your blog trustable for search engines.

important blogging tips for beginners
important blogging tips for beginners

9 important blogging tips for beginners

1.Be Regular and Punctual

At the beginning of your blogging career. You should be honest with your work by providing informative articles on your blog.

“Sometimes it can be negative thought because you don’t get money for that but after spending some months you will get rewards for your hard work “.

“So, always try to make articles on your blog topic or niches that are required in the market”. Your regularity will help your blog to gain google’s trust.

2.Make a Proper Schedule

If you are not working on your blog as per schedule then you will miss some important procedures on your blog.

So, always make a schedule for dividing your work in Searching, writing, Seo, Social Media. “A proper schedule can be effective for your better management”.

3.Make Site Audit.

“Always make a site audit once a week”. You will get all ideas and mistakes which you have done. So, you will improve your mistakes in the future.

4.Make social media accounts

If your blog is new to search engines. then make an account on other social media and post content related to your blog. So, there is a chance to get traffic from social media, it will also increase the trust score in search engines.

Google always supports traffic from social media accounts this very good thing for beginners. So, always try to make attractive content on social media to make traffic on your site.

5. Stay Updated with algorithms

If you are a beginner then you have many challenges to become a successful blogger.
But if you stay updated with the search engine new algorithms and updates then there is more chance to make your blog friendly for search engines. Because you get an idea for making changes as per these algorithms.

6. Don’t Use Copy Content¬†

If you want to be an ethical and respective blogger then don’t copy anything in your blog. Because search engines always respond to the original content.

If you are taking an idea from another blog is then it is good but if you are taking copy contents from other blogs then it will be harmful to your blog.

7. Focus on Quality Not Quantity

If you have much content without quality. So, it will not good for your blog or website.
But average quality content can be useful and effective for indexing them on google or on other search engines.
So, always write quality content and post them. You can write one quality content in 2 days also. we have explained quality blog writing in another article.

8. Write required words

If you are writing more words in your post without providing the best solution in it then you can never rank your blog. “Just try to write 1000 words for your blog if your blog is related to small niches”.

But, if you have an important topic you can write over 1000 words.

9. Make perfect Blog settings

I have explained blog setting in blogger in another article. But if you are word press and another hosting user then you should check word press website to make Important settings in your blog.

Similarly, there are many tips are available for your blog but these are important tips for you.
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