theme detector (Best Theme Detectors explained)

For every blogger or website, there is a requirement for the best themes for making your blog or website attractive and responsive. The theme helps you to make your website beautiful and it helps you to attract more visitors to your site.

selecting or customizing a theme will help you to grow more traffic to your website because if you have organic traffic on your website then it will help you to grow more traffic to your website.

theme detector
theme detector

if you are a beginner at all of this then don’t take tension in your mind because I am going to you about you can copy other’s themes to your blog or website just by detecting their website or blog theme detector.

So, sometimes you can’t access the web site’s theme and you will be get disappointed because some website or blog owners hide the theme details about their website.

Here are the best tools and websites available which have been checked by me to give you better information about these tools and theme detection tools. So, you can use a theme use it for your website or blog.

Blogger Theme Detector

  • Blogger is a free platform for many blogging beginners where you can host your website for free as I told you in recent articles.
  • You can create a free account using blogger.
  • Similarly, you can use their free domain to start your blogging career while you haven’t much money to invest.
  • blogger is a free platform and you can easily detect the theme which is used by blogger websites.
  • Similarly, you can use that theme just by searching the theme detector on google or the theme market.
  • blogger always helps you to choose free attractive and responsive themes for your website where you can make your website so attractive.

best Blogger Theme detector Website Or tools

WP theme detector 

  • This tool will help you to detect any type of blog website you can detector using that theme for your website or blog.
  • Similarly, the big advantage of this tool is that it is a free tool where you will not need to invest money on it.
  • You can use this theme detected for free to detect blogging websites.
  • So, it will help you to detect any type of blogger website.


  • One of the other best bloggers theme detectors for you. It will help you to detect any type of blogger template or website where you can use them.
  • This blogger theme detector will help you to grow more traffic to your website where you can make your blogger website attractive using these themes.
  • So, This website is very popular for detecting many blogger websites for you.
  • This website has not any type of subscription until you reach the limit of detecting themes or templates.
  • You can detect Joomla-based websites and Shopify-based websites also. Similarly, you can detect any type of template or theme using these tools.
  • Generally, this website has not any boundaries to detect any CMS platform Theme.

Best Way to Detect Theme In just a Few Seconds

  • If you are not confortable using theme detector tolls or websites, you can use the smart way, which is very good instead of detecting themes using tools or websites.
  • similarly, you can detect any type of website where you will need to use these all types of tools.

Steps to detect website’s Themes

I. Go to the targeted website Homepage
II. then click Right on Mouse and then Click on View Source Page
III. Then CSS file will open in front of you
IV. Then Press CTRL+F both at the same time
VI. You will get the perfect theme name of the website’s theme.

Theme detector chrome extension

If you are always available to use google chrome for your all work then you can use Google Chrome Extension for detecting website plugins easily in just one click where you will no need to download or use any type of theme detector Toll or website.

Here are the best google chrome theme detector extensions that will help you to detect any type of website theme or blogger template. You can use the theme for free until you reach the limit.

1. WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector

  • This Chrome extension will help you to detect website or blogger templates also. Similarly, you can detect any hided theme using this extension also.
  • This extension is available on the Google Chrome Extensions store where you can download it and use it for detecting them.
  • This extension is all in one Extension Where you can detect other CMS themes also.

2.  Shopify Theme Detector

Theme detector plugin

If you are using WordPress or other CMS platforms to detect any type of website or template then you can use specific plugins to detect themes or templates.
Similarly, You can use a theme or template for your website if you like them. Sometimes, many well-customized websites always use the same theme which gives you better customization features.

1. WordPress theme detector

So, Now you use any theme detector plugin, extension, or tool to detect any type of website. If you have any doubt about this information please comment below I will reply soon.

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