Ubbersuggest : 100 Genuine Review and features explained

“If you are afraid of digital services companies that collect money from you just for doing keyword research, checking backlinks, and finding keywords”. Then, you are in right place. Because I am going to show you the best keyword research tool for you and also it provides other facilities for checking backlinks from another website, analyzing another website, and performing many tasks on it. This tool is Ubbersugest.

Ya, I am talking about Neil Patel ubbersuggest. Here, I am giving you information about this best website or tool.
This tool provides many features explained below.


ubbersuggest features

1. Keyword Research (Ubbersuggest)

You can do unlimited keyword research using this website or tool.

There are some limitations on keyword research but generally, ubbersuggest is best than other tools.

You can also use this having some limitations on it but the cost for upgrading ubbersuggest plan is very low than others.

“There are only 20$ charges for using this tool”.

So, this an affordable charge from any digital service company.

2. Website Audit (Ubbersuggest)

If you make an account on ubbersuggest then they ask you to allow access from you. It can be for your site audit purpose only if you want a site audit.

If you want to monitor and analyze your site or blog then you should make a site audit on a monthly or weekly basis.

Similarly, you will get an idea to improve your problems if they occur. So, you can contain your site normal as per search engine requirements.

3. Backlink checking (Ubbersuggest) 

You should not focus more on backlinks if your website is new for Google.

But, for your general information, I would like to suggest that this backlink checking facility is more efficient for bloggers.

You can analyze and learn backlink formation from this tool. Similarly, a backlink is a more theoretical topic that can be explained in another article.

4. Digital marketing FREE COURSE (Ubbersuggest)

For beginners, this very useful feature provided by ubbersuggest.  so, you can use this tool while learning SEO from it.

So, this tool is very good as per my experience on it. As they provide SEO COURSE, CONTENT MARKETING, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN, and Local SEO Course for free.

You can download these courses schedule in which they already mention about topics which will be taught.

5. Chrome Extension ( Ubbersuggest) 

If you are doing keyword research on a chrome browser then you would use this Ubbesuggest chrome extension.

This extension will able to help you to do some SEO work like researching keywords, analyzing websites, checking traffic on websites,s and so on.

Review about Ubber suggest

I think this was very useful information regarding UbberSuggest. Mainly,” it would be difficult to say it is good than google keyword planner but yes this is not a bad tool for every beginner who wants to do mainly keyword research”.

So, as per my experience, I would like to give 8 starts out from 10 because this tool has some restrictions now. But you can also use it for free. If you want to give rates to this tool as per this information then comment below and rate this tool.

So, please comment below if you found any difficulty in this article. Similarly, check out our blogging series for making a career in blogging.

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