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If you are going to use free photos for bloggers then you have to know about copyright Claims. Because you can’t use any photos or images from any website.
you will face a problem if you are going to Monetize your blog for making money online. You have to know websites that give you the best and free images for Blog posts.

use free photos for blogger
use free photos for blogger

But I already told you that you have to compress them for making your Website Fast. Here I am going to tell you the best and free website for which gives you free images for your Blog Posts. You can use them and download any type of image using these websites.

These websites are legit and contain no copyright claim so you would not suffer any problem while applying for AdSense Approval. You should use and compress these images for your New Blog Post.

Use Free Photos For Blogger 

1. Pixabay 

  • This website includes free and genuine photos for your blogging Topics. This site contains more than 1 million photos for you.
  • You can use each and every photo without paying money for it. You have to just choose an image as per your requirement.
  • There is no need to create an account for downloading images using this platform. You can access this website from any country and any region.
  • This website gives you photos, illustrations, Art, Videos also. You have to just use this site and download what you want.
  • Many professional bloggers use this site for using images from this Free image Sharing Platform.
  • It does not contain any watermark on your downloaded image from this website.

2. Shutter stock 

  • This is another reputed website for your blogging career where you are trying to use free images for your website.
  • Shutterstock contains a watermark on downloaded Images but you can take screenshots instead of the download option.
  • So, it would be not any wrong thing for you if you are taking screenshots instead of Downloading Images.
  • You should use your mobile for taking screenshots from mobile. There is no need for creating an account using images of this platform.
  • Shutter stock gives you another opportunity for making money from it by selling your own photos on this platform.
  • You can use different types of images as per your requirement. But you have to use my given trick for using Photo without Watermark.

3. Pexels 

  • It is also another platform for free images or photos. You can either download or Take screenshots for using images from this.
  • pixels give you an easy way to use photos for your blog post. Here, you can use videos and small videos also.
  • This website is very useful for beginners also who are new to the Blogging Platform.
  • You can use Watermark Free Image without having any Copyright. So, it would be fine if you are going to use it.
4. Unsplash
  • This platform contains Watermark-free and Nn-copyright images. You can download photos from this platform.
  • This platform is very useful for Beginners also. You can get HD-quality photos for Your Blog Posts.
  • Similarly, you can use any type of image from this website without paying any money.
  • Unsplash provides you low-size images having HD quality also. But you have to use it Once if you really want to use it.
  • Here you can Use Free Photos For Blogger from this account.
5. Free Images
  • This website gives you free and legit photos which don’t contain any copyright.
  • So, This website has a collection of different types of photos. You can use any type of photo as per your requirement.
  • This website gives you free royalty images for making your Blog Posts Attractive. You can use any type of image as per your Blog Post.
  • These are all Royalty-free images websites. You can use any of them for your blogging Website. You can use
  • Millions of images for free without having any Copyright Strike on your Blog.

Use Free Photos For Blogger

how to upload image in blogger
  • I have already told you about this in the last Article. But if you wanted to use photos for Blog posts then you have to Compressed them using Compress Image Tools.
  • If you upload compressed images for your blog posts and then you can Upload compressed images.
  • If you use Compressed images then it looks Less time to load your Blog Post. So, it would be very easy to get more visitors to Your Site.
  • Image compression is an art of every Professional Blogger that should be used by you to Make a Fast and Responsive Blog Website.

So, you can use all these sites for downloading free images or photo your Blog. You don’t need to spend money for buying Non-copyright images for Your Blog Or Website. So, i have explained best websites that will help you to use  Free Photos For Blogger.

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