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This is a most awaited question on google. But, as you know cryptocurrency is a trending thing on the internet and it is becoming popular day by day.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which has not to have any physical notes or coins in the offline market.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that hasn’t any managerial control over it. No one has any control over this type of currency.
First Cryptocurrency was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 which Is called bitcoin and its price is around 44$ In today’s market.
So, These types of currency are managed by decentralized prices where investors and buyers do transactions through digital mediums like google.
So, these types of transactions haven’t had any type of control over it and it needs power for doing transactions called Cryptocurrency mining.

 what is cryptocurrency
what is cryptocurrency

The computer’s CPU does transactions through the mining process. You get Crypto Money After completing the transaction between Buyer And Seller.
Generally, the first cryptocurrency was founded in 2009 where its price was less than 1$ but now it is more than a thousand dollars.
So, there are many types of cryptocurrencies but their values are different as per the trust of users in them.
But, bitcoin is now legal in some countries where you can use bitcoin for shopping also. But, You should have a bitcoin wallet for it.

Types of cryptocurrency

1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Dogecoin
4. Litecoin
5. Cardano
6. Ripple
7. Bitcoin cash
8. Ethereum Classic
9. Monero

Generally, All these are bitcoins and these have been founded after the bitcoin. But, its values also increasing day by day where you can invest your money in it.

What Is Cryptocurrency

what is crypto mining?

Crypto mining means mining cryptocurrency using your CPU power.
SO, If you mine cryptocurrency using your laptop or mobile you will get some cryptography currency for this work.
Normally, Crypto mining means solving or doing a transaction of digital between two or more devices using your device’s CPU Power.
These transaction takes some time to complete because there are many transactions were running background.
So, Mining is a very important process for making money through transactions. So, if we will not mine cryptocurrency then it,s value will decrease.
similarly, it is very important for everyone to make money through mining.

What Is Cryptocurrency

what crypto to buy

There are many cryptocurrencies available in the market for you.
But if you are thinking to buy or sell then you have to wait for selecting the best cryptocurrency.
I think you should buy the following cryptocurrencies.
1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Dogecoin
4. Wazirx
5. Trx

You can buy these all cryptocurrencies without having a problem because these cryptocurrencies will give you the best return here.

What Is Cryptocurrency

what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

So, I think bitcoin is not comfortable for you to invest the money I’m it because its price is more than our budget.
I think you should invest in Wazirx and TRX global. Because now these two are start-ups and there is a lot of chance to increase the price of these coins in the upcoming future.
Similarly, Bitcoin has already increased in the market but sometimes it will lose its popularity if it gets expensive to buy.
It’s my thinking but now it depends on you on which cryptocurrency do you want to believe.

What Is Cryptocurrency

what is crypto trading

Crypto trading is related to trading your cryptocurrency on trading platforms.
If you trade money in the share market and your shares value increases then you will get the best profit here.
So, it is related to the share market but the return will be in the form of cryptocurrency not in your national currency.
Trading can be done only on reputed or legal platforms. If you are going to trade on an insecure platform the be aware of that.

So, cryptocurrency is trending on the digital platform where many users are making money through it.
If you have knowledge about trading, investing in cryptocurrency then you can also make money from it.

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