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Worpdress best plugins are the key to the best responsive and attractive website. WordPress plugins always help websites to behave as per google algorithms if we use any correct plugins for our website. So, WordPress plugins are an important part of a WordPress website if we want to rank or customize our website also.

Your website performance is based on plugins like which plugin you are going to use for your website. Every plugins different type of role. So, here I am going to explain to you WordPress best plugins as per their work. So, If you understand plugins working goals then you can use all plugins as per your website requirement.

wordpress best plugins
wordpress best plugins

WordPress Best Plugins

WordPress popup plugin

Showing the subscription and email window after staying on the website at a specific time is the work of the Popup Plugin.

Normally, a popup plugin is very useful if you are providing services or information to your audience on hour website.

The main work of the popup plugin is to make your temporary visitors permanent.

If any reader allows your popup window or submits their email for new updates, then you can directly notify them about your services or information published on your website. So, it becomes your website traffic strategy for getting the organic audience on your website.

So, it is very good for your website to make your audience updated regarding your websites.

Normally, There are many Popup plugins available free or on purchase. But, I found the best plugins as per my research

Similarly, here are the best popup plugins that will help you get permanent visitors to your website

Advantages of popups

1. Permanent Visitors on site
2. Even Reputed audience and referral audience
3. Email notifications support for customers
4. Main tend traffic on the website
5. Quick visitors on site after publications

Disadvantage of popups

Bad response if you use bad popup plugin
It may affect website speed in a short way
Heavy popup customization takes time to load
Disturbance for the audience if they read your website content or article

How to use popups plugins

1. Set your notification banner or window only.
2. Similarly, If you want to give cookies notifications then use the notification setting from the WordPress admin panel
3. Check if your popup window disturbing your website speed
4. Website speed checkup should be performed on GT metric or google page speed.

WordPress Best Plugins

Best WordPress popup plugins

1. Popup Maker

Basic Details :

You can drive more sales if you are running your business. Similarly, you can drive reputed traffic on your website by using Popups.

Similarly, You can create conversion-focused campaigns to grow your revenue and email list on your website.

Although, You can add any type of popup banners by using this plugin.

So, These plugins provide the facility to bend it to create any type of popup, model, or content overlay for your WordPress website.

Features :

  • You can create an Email opt-in popup
  • Similarly, you can create content upgrade popups.
  • You can do an announcement on upcoming programs on your website
  • Similarly, You can create Led Generation Popups
  • Similarly, e-commerce popups can be created
  • Contact Form Popups
  • Coronavirus /covide-19 announcement popups
  • Similarly, You can create EU cookies Notices
  • WooCommerce upsell popups (premium features)
  • WooCommerce cross-sell popups ( premium feature)

Popup Maker integrates with:

  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Contact Form 7 (CF7)
  • Similarly, Caldera Forms
  • WPForms
  • Similarly, Mailchimp for WordPress (MC4WP)
  • Formidable Forms

Reviews :

This plugin has good and attractive reviews for getting more downloads for this plugin.

You can check reviews on WordPress.org. Similarly, feel free to write some reviews on it if you have used this.

So, you can use more plugins like this. Here are other plugins you should check.

2. Popup Builder
3. Popup Maker 
4. Brave 
5. WP Post Popup 

So, here are the best WordPress 5 best popup plugins. So, you can choose one from them and start your blogging journey.

WordPress Best Plugins

WordPress best gallery plugins

1. NextGEN Gallery 

One of the best gallery plugin for WordPress websites is NextGen Gallery plugins.

This plugin developed by Imagely having many features and functions for a WordPress website.

This plugin is powerful enough for the most demanding visual artists, Photographers, and Imaging Professionals.

If any blogger is a Back End programmer then this plugin always gives chance to customize and change the setting as per the programmer.

It is also good for none technical bloggers who don’t have any technical skills.

On the front end, the free version of NextGEN WordPress Gallery Plugin features.

This has full support with the Gutenberg block editor. So, you can add a gallery or album anywhere on your site.

So, This plugin supported with 5.4.0 or higher WordPress support and And PHP support 5.6 or higher

It has 800k Active Installations on the WordPress website successfully.

You can check another 4 WordPress plugins. After reading information about the plugins and confirming your requirements you can choose anyone from them.

Similarly, you can buy their premium subscriptions also for making the website attractive.

Mother 4 WordPress gallery plugin

2. Photo Gallery by 10Web 

3. Image Gallery 

4. Responsive Image 

5. FooGallery 

If you want to make the right use of your gallery plugins then you should try out any one plugin from these plugins.

WordPress Best Plugins

WordPress forum plugins

Mainly forms plugin always be made for engaging our subscribed audience.

If you want to vote on your website then you can also make a form for the voting also.

These forms. Are the same as the announcements also.

The forms plugins not similar to popup plugins but in a similar way both’s work is a little bit the same.

How to setup Form  plugin in WordPress

1. Please Activate plugin and find forums on /community/ page, (/community-2/ if /community/ is used),
2. Manage Forums in Dashboard > Forums > Forums admin page,
3. Manage Forum Menu in Dashboard > Appearance > Menu admin page,
4. Manage Forum Widgets in Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets admin page,
5. Manage Forum Colors in Dashboard > Forums >

WordPress Best Plugins

Best WordPress form plugins

Here are the best 5 forms plugins for making your website visitors permanent.

1. wpForo Forum 

This plugin one of the plugins for your WordPress website if you want an attractive form on your website.

This plugin has more than 30000 Active Installations.

It supports 5.6.2 or having no issues in performance.


1. Extentend Form Layout
2. Simplified form layout
3. Questions and answers form layout
4. Threated form Layout


This plugin has been well integrated with many Profile Builder and Membership plugins, such as BuddyPress and Ultimate Members plugins.

wpForo Forum Features

  • This plugin has been designed for small and extremely large forums/communities.
  • Similarly, You can migrate this plugin Migrate from other forums using the Go2wpForo tool.
  • Mainly, This plugin provides Four different forum layouts and designs.
  • Using this plugin you can fix Six sets of forum color styles including dark style.
  • This plugin provides a Super responsive forum on all kinds of devices.
  • User can be notified if the user is live on site.
  • Provides built-in Form SEO functions
  • Similarly, provide Built-in forum Sitemap and Search Engine ping.
  • This plugin has a built-in caches feature for making WordPress website fast load.
  • Built-in forum Antispam and Akismet integration.
  • Advanced forum user profile system.
  • Provide Forums for Member Ratings and Badges.
  • Also, provide a built-in form for the subscription process.
  • Excellent Drag and Drop forum management system.
  • Topic and Post-front-end moderation.
  • Similarly, Create Forum for topics and posts Read / Unread logging.
  • Similarly, You can add Topic Tags and Tags Widget.
  • You can edit and set Forum styles with different colors.
  • the plugin has a Built-in, powerful forum for the Usergroup system.
  • Forum Access sets per Usergroup per Forum.
  • Forum Phrase System for quick translation.
  • WordPress .MO/.PO Quik translation files.
  • Tools and options for GDPR Compliance
  • Similarly, You can add Social Network Share Buttons using this form plugin.
  • BuddyPress Integration is possible
  • Similarly, Ultimate Member Integration is also supported.

So, you have the best information about this best form plugin and you can also check the following form plugins also.

I have chosen all these plugins as per my research. Please check all plugin details and choose anyone for your website as per your requirement.

2. Discussion Board Plugin 

3. Simple Press 

4. Asgaros Forum 

5. Contact Form 7 

WordPress Best Plugins

WordPress live chat plugins

The live chat plugins are very useful if you are running your business online. Normally, there is no need for these types of plugins for bloggers.

However, Bloggers share their knowledge only. So, they don’t need live chat support on a blog or website.

But in some cases, if you are related to an educational blog then you should also use a live chat plugin to solve your visitor problem.

Big businesses like Amazon fn Flipkart have turns of traffic on websites. Similarly, they are service and goods providers.

So, it is very important for them to add live chat support. otherwise, they will lose their income revenue by this small mistake.

WordPress Best Plugins

WordPress best live chat plugins

1. 3CX Live Chat Plugin

This plugin is very effective for increasing conversions and customer engagement.

Similarly, It helps us to boost customer satisfaction by communicating directly with your website visitors in real-time.

Similarly, This chat plugin is very useful if your customer has any complaints about products or services.

It increases the quick response between customer and owner also.

Advantages of 3CX Live Chat Plugin

  •  It is easy Easy, and convenient for visitors
  • Similarly, This plugin Build rapport with potential
  • Helping customers via live chat
  • So, It also helps to Increase sales
  • This plugin helps to Reduce customer
  • Similarly, support line costs by using live chat
  • Similarly, Helps you Learn to understand the pain points of your customers

Features of 3CX Live Chat Plugin

  • So, This plugin has not hidden costs, it’s free
  • Unlimited agents through the live chat
  • Similarly,  provides Live chat with your website visitors for solving their problems
  • Transfer chats to other agents to solve customer problems
  • Also, It is a very easy to use interface for both the admin and the visitor
  • Similarly, In-beautifully customizable chatbox
  • Similarly, You can create a custom offline message form
  • Storage of offline messages
  • You can apply animations to the chat window
  • You can Use of 3CX Live Chat Servers for sending and receiving chats at lightning-fast speeds
  • 3CX integration for access to advanced features like video and audio chats.
  • You can Add surveys or polls to your chatbox
  • Similarly, there is an automatic pop-up of the chatbox
  • So, You can show the chatbox to registered users only
  • Similarly, It’s Compatible with all caching plugins (live chat window loaded via Ajax)
  • Desktop Notifications facility available when a new live chat comes in as well as You can View missed live chats
  • Comprehensive list of live chat options
  • Similarly, You can Enable/Disable the sound when a new live chat message is received
  • You can Ban visitors from chatting to you based on IP Address
  • So, It provides Quick Responses (insert a predefined response to your live chatbox)
  • Live chat apps Apps for iOS & Android, desktop and web.
  • Similarly, You can add Customer satisfaction ratings for each chat session
  • Similarly, You can add your company logo to the live chat window
  • You can add your photo or Emoji to the live chat window
  • Similarly, You can Include/exclude the live chat from appearing on certain pages
  • You can choose when you want to accept chats

So, here are the full details about the 3CX Live Chat Plugin. Now you can use this plugin if you like this plugin.

Otherwise, there are 4 more plugins for you.

2. JivoChat Live Chat 

3. LiveChat 

4. Pure Chat

So, Now you get all information about WordPress’s best plugins. We will also explain other types of plugins in another article. Similarly, you can check our other articles on The WordPress series also.

If you have any queries then comment me below fast.

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